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From time to time The Ultimate Finish invites guests to contribute to the Car Care Blog, writing product reviews and expressing opinions. Simon Town, a long standing customer of Ultimate Finish, had heard about Aqua Gleam De-ionising Water Filters and decided to take a look for himself. And this is what he said:

I live near Ashford in Kent and have always had trouble cleaning the car in hot weather. No matter how much effort I put into the process – Ultimate Snow Foam2 bucket methodPoorboys Super Slick ‘n’ Suds Shampoo, wool wash mitt, Mothers Drying Towel – in the hot weather I always end up with a streaky finish. After a bit of researching on the net I discovered the root cause of my streaking problem: hard water. In fact, here in the South East, we have the hardest water in the country:

So what is the solution? I didn’t want a system that was going to add chemicals to the water; I needed something that was going to remove the impurities in the water to stop the water marks from happening. I’d heard about Aqua Gleam so thought it was time to take a closer look.

Initially I thought it looked a bit expensive, but then when I compared it to the cost of installing a full water softening system I discovered that it’s positively a bargain. So I gave The Ultimate Finish a call and in no time at all an box landed on my porch!

What’s in the box?

• 0ppm filter – leaves absolutely no contaminants in the water
• Short hose and two high quality Hoselock quick connectors
• Instructions (don’t worry very simple!)

Next step was to wash the car using my usual method:

Sorry, no real close ups but as you can see the car’s just been rinsed off with the trusted Kranzle, and would normally now be dried as quickly as possible with a Mother’s Drying Towel. This time though I connected the Aqua Gleam filter to my hosepipe and gave the car a good soaking with the de-ionised water.

The filter itself was really easy to fit particularly as it’s supplied with the two good quality quick connectors. Although the water in my area is very hard I do have pretty good water pressure, so I moderated the flow through the tap so that the output was a manageable stream and the filter media had time to work its’ magic on the water:

On this occasion I rinsed the car with a free flowing hose, but only really because my hose gun picked up some frost damage through the winter and needs to be replaced. (Forgive my presence in the photos; my 8 year old took the pics….)

It took me about 5 minutes to work around the whole car, although in fairness you probably don’t need to take that long.

On this occasion I decided to really push the system and simply let the car dry in the sun! Well, it did mean less work and a reduced chance of damaging the paint whilst in the drying stage:

The test was conducted in August, so it was pretty hot and it didn’t take long for the car to dry. And here are the results!

A close up of the wing; as you can see no streaks or hard water spots!

Over all, close inspection did reveal some very minor spots but subsequent uses have lead me to believe I may not have allowed the hose to adequately purge the unfiltered water before the de-ionised rinse phase. However, I can honestly say that the improvement is massive; there is absolutely no way I could have left the car to dry in the sun without the Aqua Gleam rinse. Well, not without coming back to a polka-dotted car!


• Quick and easy install
• Simple to use
• Very effective outcome


• Cost
• Cartridge needs draining after use and stored in the dark to protect the filter media
• Limited life in hard water area

In conclusion I was really pleased with the system. There is no doubt it is very effective and I will definitely be using it when the weather is hot and there is a chance that water could dry on the car. I have used the filter on our Polo and followed up with a drying towel and again the results have been a great streak free finish. So, in short – thanks to The Ultimate Finish! Aqua Gleam – ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’!

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