BMW M3 ‘Competition Package’ – Gloss Enhancement plus PPF

For some drivers, the thrill and excitement provided in a top-spec BMW 3 Series is simply not enough. Too ‘standard’ and not outrageous enough. Therefore, they indulge in the ‘M3’ version. Maximum power, speed and thrill is now guaranteed and onlookers will know about it. However, nowadays if you’re picking the most aggressive 3-Series there is, you have an even shoutier option to choose from,

BMW M3 Competition Package

It’s called the ‘Competition Package’ and yes, it is every bit as aggressive as you would expect it to be. You will need to find an extra £3,000 to acquire the package, but we think it is worth every penny.

The prettiest 4-door M3 ever made?

Yes, probably, because luckily for this F30 generation (3-Series produced between 2011-2019) there was never a 4-door M3 available in the E30 or E46 era. The Competition package gets you a ‘blacked out’ look all over the vehicle, including mirrors, exhaust tips, door mirrors, grill and badges. The alloy wheels are an inch bigger too, up from 19s to 20s, giving an extra 10mm of width on all four corners. Before you see it, you’d probably begin to wonder if this is all going to be a bit over the top, but it isn’t. They’ve managed to get it just about right.

BMW M3 Competition Package

You’re not just paying the extra for the cosmetic differences either. BMW have enhanced the performance on the 3-litre straight six twin-turbo Competition Package and eked out an extra 19 horsepower, meaning you’ll now be getting 444BHP compared with the 425BHP in the standard M3. 0-60mph comes up in 4 seconds (a 0.1 second improvement).

The owner of this Silverstone Metallic blue example from 2018 was a returning customer and after driving away very pleased with the detailing service we undertook on his Audi RS4 earlier in 2019, he got in contact for a second helping, but this time on his new M3.

Following an appraisal at our Brands Hatch Studio, it was determined that a 1-Stage Gloss Enhancement would be carried out. The car would also be receiving extensive PPF and Alloy Wheel Protection Treatment.

As always with an Ultimate Finish detailing service, the car is thoroughly pre-washed and washed prior to re-entering the UF Studio for any machine polishing to be carried out.

Gloss enhancing with machine polishing

The M3 was brought into the studio and driven on to a hydraulic ramp, providing ease of access for our pro-detailer to raise and lower the car depending on which panel was being treated.

The paintwork on the M3 had no deep scratches to speak of, so using Menzerna Super Finish Plus 3800 and a RUPES Yellow Polishing Pad, machine polishing begins. The 3800 compound contains exceptionally fine diminishing abrasives and when combined with an open cell foam pad like the RUPES Yellow, sufficient cutting can be achieved, whilst also providing a super high-gloss finish.

BMW M3 Machine Polishing

Our pro-detailer uses a combination of the RUPES LHR 15ES and RUPES LHR 75E Mini for the machine polishing.

BMW M3 Machine Polishing

Paintwork Protection Film (PPF)

PPF (Paint Protection Film) is becoming much more commonly fitted on cars and offers robust protection to paintwork in the form of a protective layer of film. The most commonly applied areas of PPF tend to be the front of a vehicle. Bumpers, wings, skirts and lights – the areas of the vehicle which are taking the brunt of whatever the elements and road throws up at them.

Our M3 owner had opted for the PPF Standard Kit-1 meaning all of the above would be covered, plus the rear quarters, spoiler, A-Posts and mirrors. The M3 was in exemplary condition, with no existing stone chips or major blemishes, so once the pre-wash and wash stage were completed, our detailers could begin machine polishing.

The installation of PPF is a highly skilled procedure, with the film being laid over appropriate sections of the Competition Package BMW, then smoothed out to fit the panel perfectly. In case you were wondering, all film used in the PPF process is processed and shaped via computer-controlled programming to ensure absolute precise coverage of the vehicle is achieved.

All the leading edges are wrapped in the film and finish under the lip, ensuring that there are no unsightly visible edges once correctly in place.

BMW M3 Competition Package PPF
BMW M3 Competition Package

Alloy wheels, coated and protected

The up-rated 20inch Competition Package alloy wheels finished in gunmetal are removed from the car – there are no longer any centre caps on the rims, the BMW logo in the middle is now a nifty spinner. The wheels appear to be quite spotless following the attention they received in the pre-wash and wash stages, but once they are removed, the rear of the wheels and also the more intricate detailing on the front can be focused on. They are washed again and UF Safe Wheel Cleaner is sprayed liberally on the front and reverse, then jet washed down with a pressure washer. Once wheeled back inside, they are dried off thoroughly using a BigBoi BlowR Pro.

Alloy Wheel Protection

Our pro-detailer reported the wheels being quilted in a very waxy and sticky residue both on the front and back, so Bilt-Hamber Surfex HD was applied liberally using a Kwazar Orion Super Pro+ Pump-Up 6 Litre Sprayer. The degreaser successfully strips off the unwanted residue on the alloys and the wheels are now in a position to enter the protective coating stage.

Kamikaze Stance Rim Coat provides up to 2 years protection in a single coating, shielding the M3 wheels from road grime and brake shedding contaminants. The application process is a simple one, with the solution applied to a Gtechniq AP1 Lint-Free Applicator Pad sparingly, then in a straight line motion, it is applied to each wheel evenly.

Left to dry for 10-15 minutes, the residue can be removed with an Ultra-Soft UF Microfibre Drying Towel. The fully cured and treated rims will now be much easier to maintain in terms of weekly-washing with a heat resistant barrier now formed and in place.

Alloy Wheel Protection

The finishing touch for the striking 20inch rims is to treat the tyres. We used Gtechniq T2 Tyre Dressing – it’s a 1-step application process using a tyre dressing applicator pad. Depending on the type of gloss levels you want for your tyres, you can always apply a second coating, but we felt a single layer provided the necessary fresh look required for the Competition Package this time out.

Gtechniq T2 Tyre Dressing

Protecting the paintwork

Once all of the PPF had fully set, the entire body was ready to be protected. The owner was really impressed with the sealant we used on his Audi RS4 earlier in the year, so we would again be using Kamikaze ENREI to his M3 this time around.

ENREI remains a service only treatment due to the specific application methods and professional training required. It is now a technique our pro- detailer is well familiar with thanks to the rise in popularity and volume of requests we receive to have it applied, but the meticulous nature in which the application is carried out remains as focused as ever.

The 2-Stage Sealant treatment begins with the base coat laid over the bodywork using the Kamikaze Applicator Block – the base coat acts as primer and allows the 2nd coat to bond under the optimum surface foundations laid down.

With a hydrophobic protective layer now locked in, dirt becomes less likely to bond to the coated surface, whilst also becoming easier to clean and lowering the risk of causing swirls or other light scratching when undertaking regular maintenance washes.

With the paintwork now fully protected the M3 was ready to be released into the elements and back into the hands of its proud owner. The Competition Package looked spectacular and the Silverstone Metallic paint flawless.

BMW M3 Competition Package
BMW M3 Competition Package

Featured Products Used


Paint Protection Film From £895.00

  • Protection from stone chips & contaminants
  • Self-healing
  • Mirror smooth finish & virtually invisible

Kwazar Super Pro+ Pump-Up Sprayer

  • Quick pump-up action
  • Handy funnel for easy filling
  • Ideal for use with Wheel Cleaners, Tar, Bug & Fallout Removers, Citrus Pre-Washes, Degreasers.
Rim Stance

Kamikaze Stance Rim Coat £84.00

  • Protects wheels from road grime & brake dust build-up
  • Extremely easy to apply
  • One coat lasts up to 2 years
Gtechniq T2

Gtechniq T2 Tyre Dressing £12.00

  • Highly durable
  • Non-sling formula
  • Repels dirt & won’t degrade tyre’s rubber

RUPES Yellow

RUPES Foam Fine Polishing Pads Yellow £6.00

  • Open cell structure
  • Removes moderate to light swirls, scratches & blemishes
  • 125mm pad

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