Ultimate Finish Customer Loyalty Scheme – Why Pay More?

At Ultimate Finish we think it’s important to give customers value, so we’ve set up a Customer Loyalty Scheme to let you know that your loyalty is really appreciated.

The scheme, unique to Ultimate Finish works on a simple premise – the more you spend, the higher the level of discount you receive.

The scheme has 5 discount tiers and starts at Tier 5:-

  • Tier 5 – Cumulative spend up to £200 receiving 0% discount
  • Tier 4 – Cumulative spend up to £500 receiving 2.5% discount
  • Tier 3 – Cumulative spend up to £1000 receiving 5% discount
  • Tier 2 – Cumulative spend up to £2000 receiving 7.5% discount
  • Tier 1 – Cumulative spend above £2000 receiving 10% discount

Orders are automatically tracked within the My Account Login area and the applicable discount level applied in the checkout section whenever a new order is placed. You can easily monitor the accumulated spend by logging into your account area at any time.

Sound too good to be true? We like to think so and judging by the number of members already signed up to the scheme many others think so too! Perhaps it’s also because we offer such a huge range of products covering all of your car care and car detailing needs!

Pre-wash cleaners, shampoos, wash mitts, polishes, carnauba waxes, synthetic sealants, plus everything you need for automotive glass, trim, tyres and britework from manufacturers such as 3M, Autoglym, Dodo Juice, Aqua Gleam, Autosmart, Swissvax, Valet Pro, Zaino, and Bilt-Hamber to name just a few and our brand portfolio is increasing on a weekly basis! Watch this space for Auto Finesse about to join our line up!

If you’re looking for a place to get started with machine polishing then we offer a range of kits and products designed for mechanical application from all the big brands including Meguiar’s, Dodo Juice and Sonus as well as a huge range of dual action machine polishers and rotary machine polishers including the Meguiar’s G220 v2, Dodo Juice Spin Doctor, Spin Doctor Pro and Buff Daddy, Deltalyo Kestrel DAS6 Power Plus and the professional range from Flex and 3M.  You can get all your backing plates and pads here too including the recently introduced Meguiar’s DA Microfibre System.

Perhaps you need items to “keep you rolling”! We have a large selection of tyre inflators, jump starters and digital tyre pressure gauges from Ring Automotive and Michelin, whose Easy Grip Snow Chains we also stock. Or perhaps you have a second car that rarely gets used and would like an ‘intelligent’ car battery charger and conditioner, in which case we can help too, with ranges from CTEK, Accumate, Optimate and Ring Automotive. No access to mains power? How about a solar car battery conditioner?

For cars and motorcycles in storage or simply in need of protection, we have a carefully chosen range of semi-tailored indoor and outdoor covers, as well as fully tailored car covers and Air Chambers. We also supply covers for all marques of motorcycle including specialist Harley Davidson Covers and even Jet Skis !

Our range of products goes on and on – dehumidifiers from Meaco and Mitsubishi, LED torches, paint depth gauges, emergency car jump starters,  and jump leads, we even have the Ultimate Detailing Studio here, so if you want your car’s paintwork corrected, enhanced or protected but don’t have the time, drop it off at our Brands Hatch studio and we’ll do it for you!

We’d understand if you were overwhelmed by the choice, so if you’re looking for a present then we even have Gift Certificates. And with the Customer Loyalty Scheme you’ll earn discount for those too.

To sign up to the scheme you must be registered with one email address only (otherwise the cumulative spend won’t tally up) and opt in to our newsletters which feature details of additional discounts and exclusive offers available only to members, as well as new products and ranges as soon as they go “live”.

So don’t delay! Sign up today and start saving as you spend! – Why pay more?

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