Introducing Herrenfahrt, Gentlemen’s Car Care From Germany

We see plenty of new products roll through the doors of our studio here at Brands Hatch and we’re always very selective about which we decide to put on the shelf. Few can boast the glowing reviews our detailers heaped on the latest exclusive addition to the UF range. There was no doubting Herrenfahrt would make the cut.

Introducing Herrenfahrt: Gentlemen's Car Care

By Enthusiasts, For Enthusiasts

From Germany (no clues for guessing) and formed in 2014 there was a clear vision from the outset. Develop a car care brand for valuable and special automobiles which transports the spirit of the great automobile culture and its pioneer days into the present.

The German co-founders succeeded. Andreas Werner and Michael Stegmüller have a flagship store in Cologne and their Herrenfahrt brand is unmistakable.

Introducing Herrenfahrt: Gentlemen's Car Care
Introducing Herrenfahrt: Gentlemen's Car Care

‘In the golden age of automotive culture, a car was not just a simple means of transportation, but part of the stylish appearance of a gentleman. The spirit of this past time echoes in us at Herrenfahrt’.

All products are hand-crafted in their own lab and you can tell this is German engineering at it’s finest. Heritage combines with state-of-the-art technology, resulting in tradition and innovation.

Laying our hands on the product for the first time, we did get that ‘gentlemen’s beard grooming kit’ feel from it. The packaging every bit as distinctive as intended. Of course, it is what’s inside the bottle that counts though.

Herrenfahrt Leather Cream

Made With No Harsh Chemicals

In-house product development also means there has been a strong focus on eco-friendliness. Something not found in the industry too often, but a key target for Andreas and importantly, there is no impact on the quality of the results from the product.

From the outset, his drive was to deliver a quality eco-friendly range containing no harsh chemicals after suffering a bad personal experience with a rival product himself.

The Herrenfahrt vision is to improve the way you work, without harming you, the car or the environment.


‘Any kind of harmful irritation to the user is not good. To the detailer the whole experience is so important to us. How does it feel? How does it smell? We want the detailer to feel good when they use Herrenfahrt’. – Andreas Werner, Managing Director, Herrenfahrt

Herrenfahrt Product Picks


Ultimate Glass Cleaning Kit £26

Streak-free clean glass via the use of a carbon fibre cloth, the spray gel formula allows you to clean and decontaminate glass on the interior and exterior of your car without the product run issue associated with many glass cleaners.

Spray Wax

Spray Wax £26.50

Adds a lasting film which protects from environmental fallout and debris. Existing swirls and scratches are filled in, and thus a deep gloss finish can be easily achieved.

X-CUT 2000 Polish

1 Step Polish X-Cut 2000 £14.95

Producing amazing results with one-step technology: Cut & Finish with no swirls or holograms. Long processing time without dusting
and easy to wipe off.

The Performance Series

For professional detailers working on a daily basis who want an efficient detailing routine, the “Performance Series” offers a very suitable solution. Based on cutting-edge technology, the products will trim labour time and also the quantity of product consumed per usage.

Despite the pro user boast of the Performance Series, Herrenfahrt are keen to emphasise that both the Performance and the regular product lines are suitable for a customer of any level of experience – not just the more experienced consumer.

Performance Series

Always Aspiring

Considering the short time their products have been exposed to the world of detailing, the names featuring on the collaborations list already speaks volumes. Lamborghini and Bentley for starters – and you’d have to think there will be plenty more to add.

Andreas maintains that his vision remains for the Herrenfahrt brand to be a staple fixture among detailers and dealerships in the future. We wouldn’t be surprised at all.    


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