Lotus Evora Is Prepared To Dazzle For Sporting Bears

Lotus Evora Prepared For Sporting Bears

Sporting Bears is a charity well known to UF, directors of which have participated in several events over the years. This fantastic club is made up of performance and classic car enthusiasts who frequent shows such as CarFest North and CarFest South, Super Car Siege at Leeds Castle, Kent and Wings & Wheels at Duxford where they offer passenger rides in their exotic vehicles. All administrative and consumable costs are covered by the club members, so 100% of the passenger’s fees go to charity. In the past Sporting Bears has supported organisations fighting to improve the lives of children living with all kinds of challenges ranging from cancer, autism and diabetes, to dealing with the effects of abuse, radiation fallout from the Chernobyl disaster and the stresses of being a young carer. In the main Sporting Bears supports grass roots charities where they know the impact of their contribution can be most keenly felt.

Worried about serious blemishes in his Evora’s paintwork, the owner contacted Ultimate Detailing Studio to enquire about detailing services. He was keen to have the paintwork attended to as quickly as possible and, after some quizzing, revealed that he wanted the car to look its best for the next Sporting Bears event, the Classic Restoration Show, taking place on 28th March at the Birmingham NEC.

The better the car looks, the more people want to ride in it. It’s quite a rare car, there are only around 450 of them here in the UK so it tends to grab quite a lot of attention particularly in the Canyon Red. I just want the paintwork to stand out as much as the car – for the right reasons! – Tom, Sporting Bears Club Member

That made perfect sense to UF who offered to contribute by detailing the Evora without charge and immediately arranged for this rare and head turning vehicle to be fast tracked into the studio for a Gloss Enhancement Treatment.

The car is driven on a daily basis, which was immediately apparent from the amount of fallout it had collected on the wheels and bodywork. When the customer acquired the Evora, the dealership had prepared the car using a machine polisher as there were DA sanding marks all over the paintwork – very obvious and completely detracting from the overall look. The first step was to get it thoroughly decontaminated and clean so we could really see what we were dealing with. – Derek Ginger, Master Detailer, UDS


Initially the Evora was treated with GYEON Q2M Iron. The pH-neutral formulation is safe to use on all surfaces; paintwork, wheels and even glass. It changes colour on contact with ferrous particles, usually the result of brake pads shredding under pressure.

Lotus Evora Prepared For Sporting Bears

This was rinsed away before the whole car was treated with an application of GYEON Q2M Tar. This dissolves sticky deposits such as road tar, tree sap and bug remains and allows them to be freely rinsed away without the need for scrubbing at the paintwork.

Lotus Evora Prepared For Sporting Bears

Sticky deposits by their very nature bond quickly to underlying substrates, particularly if they’ve not been treated with a sealant or wax. The temptation is to rub at them with a mitt during the wash process, but it’s precisely this type of action that causes damage to paintwork. It’s much better to use a product that will dissolve the contamination allowing it to be safely rinsed away. – Derek Ginger, Master Detailer, UDS

Next the Evora was pre-washed using Ultimate Snow Foam, a high-foaming non-contact cleaner which lifts dirt and grit particles away from the surface of the vehicle, allowing them to be rinsed away without the use of a wash mitt. This helps prevent incurring wash swirl damage to paintwork. Ultimate Snow Foam penetrates hard to reach areas; particularly useful for cars with recessed and curved body lines.

Lotus Evora Prepared For Sporting Bears

Snow foam

Finally the Evora was washed using the Two Bucket Method, an Ulti-Mitt Double Sided Merino Wash Mitt and GYEON Q2M Bathe shampoo. This shampoo is a pure cleaner which gently removes dirt and road grime build up without adding slickness to the paint. This was rinsed away before an Aqua Gleam De-ionising water filter was attached to the hose to give the car a final, pure water rinse. It was then dried and brought into the detailing studio where the paintwork was inspected under high intensity lighting.

The blemishes were visible on the paintwork even in daylight, but as soon as I put the 3M Sun Gun on it the DA sanding marks leapt out. You could see what detailers call ‘pig-tailing’, a myriad of concentrically oriented curved lines all down one side, across the bonnet and over the roof. I could see why the customer had been so keen to have them removed; they were everywhere and they really did spoil the whole look of the car. – Derek Ginger, Master Detailer, UDS.

Lotus Evora Prepared For Sporting Bears

In addition to the pig-tailing marks were the usual wash swirl damage, also visible under high intensity lighting.

Swirl damage

The paintwork on the Evora was really quite soft, but the damage was extensive. I decided to use the RUPES UHS One-Step System to correct the damage – it’s a highly effective combination which leaves no messy residue to clean up. It worked an absolute treat. – Derek Ginger, Master Detailer, UDS

Rupes machine polished

To protect the finish a new natural wax currently being evaluated by UF was used.

UF is often asked to test products for research and development purposes. The customer was only too happy to volunteer his Evora for trialling this hybrid carnauba wax, particularly as high carnauba content significantly enhances the glow of warm coloured paintwork. – Jez Gilman, Managing Director, UF

Lotus Evora Prepared For Sporting Bears

This particular wax applies very easily using a foam wax applicator. I worked one panel at a time and allowed the wax to cure for a couple of minutes before buffing off. Only when I left it on slightly longer did the wax take a bit more effort to remove, but the shine it left behind was remarkable. – Derek Ginger, Master Detailer, UDS

Lotus Evora Prepared For Sporting Bears

The wax clearly displayed great hydrophobic properties as well, causing water to roll into beads. These beads will blow away easily and, out on the road, will carry dirt and contamination with them keeping the surface of the paintwork cleaner for longer.

Lotus Evora Prepared For Sporting Bears

The glass was cleaned to a sparkle with POLISHANGEL Cristal Agent. The wheels were protected using POLISHANGEL Supersport PTFE Wheel Wax to help prevent road grime, brake dust and tar from adhering to the surface. The tyres were treated with POLISHANGEL Honey, a non-sling tyre dressing which leaves a natural sheen.

The final result was absolutely stunning and the customer was extremely pleased.

I couldn’t believe how stunning it looked when I collected it, it was almost a different car. The gloss on the paintwork was amazing, I’ve never seen reflectivity like it. I’m sure the Evora is going to be the belle of the show this weekend and we’ll have passengers queuing up for a ride – and it’s all for a really great cause. – Tom, Evora Owner

Having collected a list of items necessary to preserve the finish, the customer drove away in his Evora – no doubt to enjoy the solitude for a while before the crowds descend at the NEC!

Lotus Evora Prepared For Sporting Bears

Lotus Evora

Details on the Sporting Bears, including previous events, charities they’ve supported, upcoming events and how to become part of the organisation, can be found on their website: Sporting Bears.

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