22PLE Glass Based Scratch Resistant Coatings – NEW !!

Advanced technology in vehicle protection – 22PLE Signature Glass Coats provide superior levels of scratch resistance to automotive paintwork, metal, wheel rims and external plastic trim…

It’s a worrying fact, but every time you wash your car the chances are, you put scratches and swirls into your paintwork – or more accurately, your clear coat. The clear coat is the clear, top layer of lacquer manufacturers apply to paintwork to protect the colour from fading and degradation due to UV exposure, acid rain etch, etc. Unfortunately for the clear coat this means it suffers a battering on a daily basis!

Some may argue that polishing compounds are designed to remove these marks – so what difference does it make? Well, put simply – eventually you’ll wear the clear coat away! Further more, most of the UV protection resides in the uppermost part of the clear coat and so this is the first thing you start to remove when you polish those scratches out!

So how do you protect your clear coat? Polymer-based sealants and carnauba-based waxes have been the choices so far. They’re good to a point – they last around 3 months, provide a nice shiny finish and don’t cause too much trouble if they’re over applied. But you have to reapply every 3 months or so and they don’t offer adequate protection from swirls or scratches. So the question was asked – “when will there be a sealant which will last at least a year and protect my car from swirls and scratches!”

Enter 22PLE – manufacturer of superior glass based coatings with excellent scratch resistance. All the products have an extremely high silica content, meaning they dry as hard as glass and are very durable – they can last for up to 2 years! Additionally, they don’t rely on elevated levels of alcohol in order to cure properly, so the liquid fully crystallises – meaning the product goes further during application. And each product is really easy to apply – drip it on to the 22PLE Applicator Pad using the included pipette, wipe it over the area and simply buff it off.

Initial curing takes between 8 – 12 hours during which time the car should not be exposed to the elements (wind, rain, etc). After 12 hours the car can be driven although full curing takes around 5 days. 22PLE products have different formulations, two for paintwork, one for exterior plastic trim and another for all types of metals including wheel rims and even brake calipers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Very high (up to 92%) active silica content – extremely scratch resistant
  • Optically clear – high gloss, crystalline shine
  • Hydrophobic (water), oleophobic (oil) & dirt repellent
  • Easy to use, zero or low-alcohol formulation
  • Resists harmful and destructive contaminants
  • Much easier to wash and dry your vehicle

The products:

  • VX1 Signature Glass Coat – low alcohol, high silica content for all types of automotive paintwork
  • VX1 PRO Signature Glass Coat – no-alcohol, increased silica content formula for all types of automotive paintwork
  • VM1 Signature Rim & Metal Coat – withstands temperatures of up to 700 degrees Celsius
  • VR1 Signature Plastic & Trim Restorer – cures with elasticity for curved exterior plastic mouldings

22PLE products are available to order now at www.theultimatefinish.co.uk