Autoglym Paint Pro System – Machine Polishing Made Easy

Autoglym Paint Pro System

Introducing the Autoglym Paint Pro System, an easy-to-use, two-step polishing system which takes care of most paintwork blemishes and leaves a perfectly swirl and hologram-free finish along with an amazing shine. Suitable for use with both Rotary and Dual Action Machine Polishers, the kit centres around the use of two pads and two compounds which employ diminishing abrasive technology. The Paint Pro process has been developed to keep buffing time to a minimum and eliminate the need for a multitude of different pads and compounds. This system is suitable for use on vehicles and paints of all ages.

Autoglym Paint Pro System contains:

  • Paint Pro Renovate – a medium abrasive compound which tackles the deeper routed scratches, staining and oxidation.
  • White Buffing Pad – medium density foam pad
  • Paint Pro Refine – finishing polish to put extra shine into paintwork, preparing it for the last step wax or sealant.
  • Black Buffing Pad – ultra soft finishing foam pad
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Information leaflet

What Can The Paint Pro System Do?

Paint Pro is designed to effectively remove a variety of imperfections from paint surfaces. Some common imperfections and blemishes that can be corrected using the Autoglym Paint Pro System are listed below.


Oxidation presents as a chalky appearance on the surface of the paint. This is a common problem on older types of paintwork without a clear coat.

Autoglym Paint Pro Machine Polishing System For Oxidation

Light Scratches:

A light scratch can be caused by many things including grit trapped in sponges when washing the vehicle, careless keys and belt buckles. They are defined as light scratches when you cannot feel them with your finger nail.

Autoglym Paint Pro Machine Polishing System For Light Scratches

Bird Dropping Marks:

Paintwork gently expands and contracts as it heats up and cools around dried on bird droppings. This causes the paint to mould around the contours of the mark leaving an etching in the paintwork.

Autoglym Paint Pro Machine Polishing System For Bird Dropping Marks

Water Marks:

Water marks are hard water (calcium) deposits caused when a vehicle is not dried after washing or after a rainfall.

Autoglym Paint Pro Machine Polishing System For Water Marks

Swirl Marks:

These are very fine scratches in the paintwork that appear as round swirls in certain lights. They can be caused by incorrect washing and drying of the vehicle or by general wear and tear on the paint. They tend to dull the paintwork and scatter light thereby reducing gloss levels.

Autoglym Paint Pro Machine Polishing System For Swirl Marks

The Autoglym Paint Pro Process 

For the best results the products should be used as a 2 stage system, starting with Renovate and finishing with Refine. The application process is the same for both products.

Before you start – wash the vehicle carefully. If necessary remove any industrial fallout or contamination from the paint. Remove any tar and previous sealant or wax remnants from the surface. This will reveal the true extent of any damage on the paintwork.

Paint Pro – Step One

Once the vehicle is dry and contamination free, mask any swage lines, badges, delicate trim and difficult to reach areas with tape or film.

Autoglym Paint Pro System - Step 1

Paint Pro – Step Two

Using the appropriate pad (the white pad for Renovate and the black pad for Refine) apply sufficient compound directly to the pad to work the desired area of paint.

Autoglym Paint Pro System - Step 2

Paint Pro – Step Three

Working on one section at a time, a shoulder’s width across, apply the pad to the panel then start the machine at a low speed (600-800 RPM). Work the product across the cars paintwork in a horizontal motion, starting at the top and moving downwards.

Autoglym Paint Pro System - Step 3

Paint Pro – Step Four

Go back to the top and work the product from left to right across the same area using the 10 pass technique, applying medium pressure. Move the pad downwards and repeat the 10 passes, slightly overlapping the previously worked area.

Autoglym Paint Pro System - Step 4

Paint Pro – Step Five

Increase the speed to 1500-1800 RPM and repeat the process using the 10 pass technique, applying light pressure until the product becomes translucent in appearance. Remove any white residue with the pad at slow speed.

Autoglym Paint Pro System - Step 5

Paint Pro – Step Six

The remaining film should be visible on the paint surface. Wipe the area with a microfibre cloth to remove the excess product and reveal the level of renovation. If using Renovate, repeat the process if required, then follow with Refine (repeating the process from Step 1).

Autoglym Paint Pro System - Step 6

Paint Pro – Video Demonstration

The Autoglym Paint Pro System is now available from Ultimate Finish, The UK’s Largest Online Car Care & Car Detailing Store – ‘Legendary Automotive Care since 1999’.

Autoglym exclusively use FLEX Machine Polishers. The polisher shown in the product images and featured in the video demonstration is the FLEX PE14-2 150 Compact Rotary.

Article reproduced courtesy of Autoglym Limited.