Mothers Care Care Products Return To Ultimate Finish

Ultimate Finish is re-introducing the Mothers Car Care Products to their ever-growing portfolio of leading manufacturers.

Started as a “mom and pop” firm in the early 1970’s, Mothers products have continually grown and developed, keeping up with changes in paint technology. They firmly believe that time spent caring for a car is an investment in the health and the beauty of that car.

California Gold – the classic line of Mother’s products, offering a complete system from shampoo, polish and deep, rich carnauba wax.

FX – Designed with modern paintwork in mind, the FX range offers state-of-the-art products at unbeatable prices.

Reflections – A perfect combination of class and technology, Reflections offers dazzling shine and protection for all automotive paintwork.

Fans of the famous Mother’s Mag & Aluminium Polish will be pleased to know it will also be available, in both 148ml and 296ml sizes. Billet Polish will also be featuring in the product line up.

All Mother’s products are in stock and available to buy now!

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