New From Farécla: G Plus Dual Action Polishing Machine

The world of machine polishing can seem a complex prospect, but when you’ve tried all combinations of hand application products (not to mention a bucket load of elbow grease) to remove imperfections from your paintwork without success, it is likely time to dust the machine polisher off.

Fortunately, in 2020, the advancements in machine and compound technology mean it is a task that should not faze anyone looking to achieve the best cosmetic results for their vehicle.

What used to be a potentially tricky task using hard to handle rotary polishers, which could easily result in further swirl infliction or marring to paintwork, has now become much easier and safer for the user.

So, if you’re in the market to replace your existing machine, take a read of this blog and we’ll introduce you to the very latest offering from Farécla.

Why Choose a Farécla Machine Polisher?

Having been in the business since 1952, Farécla have made a name for themselves specialising in the production of polishing compounds and surface finishing products for use on a wide variety of substrates. This has included the provision of quality solutions for automotive body shops, detailers and composite manufacturers.

With a range of compounds and pads bespoke made to work in conjunction with their machine polishers, only the finest quality raw materials are used by their scientists to ensure the best results can be achieved and enjoyed by customers.


With manufacturing taking place under strict measures to ensure reliability and consistency is always delivered, Farécla have developed their very own ‘Engineered Abrasive Technology’ in formulations. The unique abrasive particles in Farécla’s products have been tailor made to optimise the fine balance between cut and polish, achieving a superb, permanent finish in rapid time.

The latest compounds contain technology enabling them to do 2 jobs in 1, both to a very high standard. In the first phase abrasive particles mechanically cut away scratch marks that have been deposited on to the surface. Then in the second phase, particles polish the surface to a deep gloss finish.

Here’ a run through of this exciting new machine, including the compounds and pads that will give you the best performance and results.

G Plus Dual Action Polishing Machine + 3 Pads £299

Specially engineered to provide a user-friendly experience with fantastic results, the G Plus Dual Action Polishing Machine from Farécla also has the added bonus of coming as part of a kit which includes three different pads to help you on your way. This complete system means that once you’ve acquired your Farécla compounds/polish, you’ll be able to cut, then polish with ease, to leave your paintwork with a deep gloss finish.

The ergonomic design of the G Plus gives it a well-balanced feel and with it being fairly lightweight (2.6kg), it’ll be easier going when it comes to user fatigue. With the machine operating under a dual action system, this of course means a swirl free finish can be achieved, and fast. The G Plus is certainly a machine that is more than suitable for machine polisher users of all abilities and will remove holograms evenly with the assistance of the special speed dial control and the large, 15mm reduced vibration orbit.

  • Operating voltage: 220-240V
  • Rated output: 500W
  • Power cord: 5m
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • No-load speed: 2000 – 4500opm
  • Orbit diameter: 15mm
  • Backing plate: 123mm
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Spindle thread: M8
  • Insulation class: II
  • Sound power: 92.9 dB(A)
  • Sound pressure: 81.9 dB(A)
  • Vibration (main handle): 4.5m/s2
  • Vibration (aux handle): 4.9m/s2

G3 Pro Microfibre Cutting Pad

  • Microfibre filaments significantly increase the active polishing surface area
  • Aggressive cutting action to reduce polishing time
  • Features interface layer to help handling and reduce vibration
  • Not for use on refinish paint types

G3 Pro Foam Cutting Pad

  • Superb cutting action when used with Farécla DA Compound
  • Trapezoid shape helps user see the edge of the pad to aid handling and control over polishing area
  • Pad design and foam type helps transfer the energy of the machine action to the polishing face of the pad
  • Open cell structure promotes air flow and helps to disperse heat build-up.

G3 Pro Foam Polishing Pad

  • For use in conjunction with Farécla DA Polish for final stages and a mar-free finish
  • Trapezoid shape helps user see the edge of the pad to aid handling and control over polishing area
  • Pad design and foam type helps transfer the energy of the machine action to the polishing face of the pad
  • Open cell structure promotes air flow and helps to disperse heat build-up.

To complement the machine and the pads provided in the kit, there are two compounds available for separate purchase. This is where Farécla’s Engineered Abrasive Technology comes into play to make a significant impact on efficiency, reducing what is normally a three product process into two – one for cutting and one for polishing.

G3 Pro DA Cutting Compound From £21.95

Designed to eliminate varying degrees of surface imperfections, the G3 Pro DA Cutting Compound is an easy handling, low dusting paint correction liquid which is engineered for recommended use with a Farécla G3 Pro Foam Cutting Pad/G3 Pro Microfibre Cutting Pad. Versatile, the compound is extremely efficient on hard or softer paints as long as the correct pad type is used from the above and makes up the first phase of Farécla’s Engineered Abrasive Technology.

G3 Pro DA Cutting Compound

G3 Pro DA Fine Polish £23.95

For the final stage in Farécla’s machine polishing process, we turn to a product which is specially designed to remove any remaining light imperfections, followed by a mirror shine finish. The G3 Pro DA Fine Polish works together with the G3 Pro Foam Polishing Pad and will help deliver a beautiful deep gloss shine. This is the second phase of Farécla’s Engineered Abrasive Technology, with particles working to polish the surface.

G3 Pro DA Fine Polish

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