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Crystal Serum Shine For A Mythos Metallic Black Audi TT Ultra

The Audi TT first burst on to the scene in 1998 and have employed diesel powered variants since 2008, In November of 2014 Audi released the latest generation of their super-efficient diesel models, the TT TDi ‘Ultra’. Powered by an 181bhp 2-litre engine and managed through a six-speed gearbox, this front wheel drive sports car […]

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Audi TT Roadster Quattro ‘Black Edition’ – New Car Protection

The original Audi TT was a target for jibes about its somewhat dainty curves – a car for hairdressers being the main epithet. Get behind the wheel of a TT though, and your opinion would change within a couple of corners, for the TT was both quick, and truly planted through even the tightest of fast bends. The TT […]

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