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Test, Charge & Condition Your Car Battery With One Unit !

Have you booked your summer vacation yet? If so it’s essential to complete a battery check and a maintenance charge prior to going away. Did you know that one in ten flat batteries are experienced by people returning to their cars after a period of time on holiday? Turning the ignition key only to hear […]

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Be Prepared – Charge & Condition Your Battery Now!

The performance and life of car & motorcycle batteries can seriously be compromised when exposed to dramatic changes in seasonal temperatures whether hot, or more critically cold. As a result, effective car & motorcycle battery management during the winter months is essential for the well-being of the battery and of course avoids frustrating break downs […]

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CTEK Car Battery Chargers & Conditioners – Charging Matters!!

In this day and age it’s not unusual for those with a petrol head / lead foot combination to have more than one vehicle in the household – one for the daily drive and one for those fun days, high days and holidays. Nothing takes the shine off those impulsive “It’s a lovely day, let’s […]

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