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Dehumidifiers Put The Brakes On Winter Damp!

Dehumidifiers – What They Are & Why You Need One For Storing Your Car! As the “summer” picks up the tail ends of its skirt and heads for the equator, many owners of classic or “fair-weather” vehicles are putting them into car storage for the winter months. Often the storage location is unheated, so whilst it […]

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Ultimate Finish Customer Loyalty Scheme – Why Pay More?

At Ultimate Finish we think it’s important to give customers value, so we’ve set up a Customer Loyalty Scheme to let you know that your loyalty is really appreciated. The scheme, unique to Ultimate Finish works on a simple premise – the more you spend, the higher the level of discount you receive. The scheme has […]

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Dehumidifiers – Protect Your Vehicle From Damaging Damp!

Anyone who has to store their car, boat or caravan knows moisture in the air causes a lot of problems, particularly over the winter period. Damp gets into everything, causing mildew on convertible tops, mouldy upholstery, rotting sails and degrading rubber seals and tyres. Most storage places are susceptible to damp – barns, garages, storage […]

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