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Aston Martin DB4, Refining A Classic – Part Two

In February of 2014 UF wrote an article about Paintwork Correction work carried out on a show-stopping black Aston Martin DB4. After driving the car for many enjoyable miles, the owner decided he would visit world renowned Aston Martin heritage specialists R.S. Williams to discuss some very exciting upgrades.  Based in Cobham, Surrey, Richard Stewart Williams Limited was started by Richard Williams […]

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New Car Protection PLUS For Jaguar’s Biggest Cat, The XJ L

The Jaguar XJ L is that wonderfully elusive beast that successfully combines executive luxury with a truly engaging driving performance. As such you’re as likely to find the owner behind the wheel as you are nestled in the back seat! At 125mm longer than its previous incarnation, the XJ L appears even more limousine-like, highlighted with chrome […]

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New & Improved Ultimate Snow Foam Lances

Ultimate Snow Foam and Lance Kits have been taking the market by storm for some time now. As popular as the “2 Bucket Method” particularly with owners of dark coloured vehicles which are prone to showing every swirl, scratch and imperfection. Ultimate Snow Foam is a non-contact, high foaming pre-wash cleaner designed to lift larger […]

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