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Audi A6 TDi Quattro S-Line Looks Better Than New With 3D Protection!

Collecting a new car is one of those simple pleasures in life. Brand new, untouched and untainted by anyone else, you can smell the excitement and anticipation emanating from every vent, spoke and grille, along with the unmistakable ‘new car’ smell. Keeping that ‘brand new’ sensation is the goal of the new-car owner, which is why […]

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High-Density 3-Dimensional Protection For A Mercedes-Benz GLC

If you like your SUVs with plenty of comfort, power and handling around challenging roads, then the Mercedes GLC is an excellent choice! When one arrived at UF’s Brands Hatch based Detailing Studio for a New Car Protection treatment, it was interesting to have a look at the new offering from Mercedes, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Plenty of road […]

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