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Automotive Glass Care – The Science of Perfect Clarity

Many of us take the glass in our cars for granted and glass care is seldom a priority. It’s there to allow drivers and passengers to see out – obviously a necessary feature for driving. In fact, though, automotive glass is also a vital safety feature and not only for the visibility it offers: glass […]

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Nanolex Si3D Protection For A Brand New Porsche Macan S

The sight of an SUV with a Porsche badge is no longer a surprise on our British roads, since the Cayenne was launched in 2002. The Macan hit the European streets in the spring of 2014 following its debut at both the Los Angeles Motor Show and the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013. Porsche’s latest […]

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BMW i3 eDrive – The Future Has Arrived In Style!

Self-driving cars, fully electric cars and hover cars have been a big feature in science fiction movies and comic strips for many years. So far, the majority of electric cars have been hybrids and frankly, the results have been largely underwhelming. Added to which the general styling has been pod-like and uninspiring, so all in […]

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