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4.3 When To Use A pH Neutral Pre-Wash Cleaner

Pre-wash cleaners, also known as ‘snow foam’ are available as either pH-neutral or alkaline formulations. Some professional or ‘trade’ pre-wash cleaners, such as those typically found at the local hand car wash tend to be quite caustic, having a pH of 10 or above. Highly alkaline cleaners have the ability to strip protective wax layers and degrade […]

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Range Rover V8 S ‘Autobiography’ – New Car Protection

The Range Rover is, in the opinion of many, the ultimate vehicle. Within its chic and elegantly-designed body, it will take you and your passengers, surrounded by absolute luxury and in utter comfort, just about anywhere. This is said, simply because it is true. The latest fourth generation Range Rover is one of the most […]

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