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PS AutoArt ‘Steve McQueen’ Porsche 911S 3.2L – Gloss Enhanced

A classic Porsche is a welcome sight for many enthusiasts. Keen fans enjoy every part of the car, from the styling to the intentionally basic interior to the raw driving experience. Some though, love the styling but desire some of the reliability and driving comforts of a more modern Porsche. And this is where the […]

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Meguiar’s Wheel Polishing Kit – It’s Revolutionary!

Most cars in the UK sport alloy or powder-coated wheels, however for those with polished or chromed wheels looking after them can really be a trying affair! Meguiar’s came up with a Brilliant Solution! The Wheel Polishing Kit. Specifically designed for polished or chrome wheels, the Wheel Polishing Kit contains All Metal Wheel Polish and […]

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A Slice Of DTM Glamour At The Ultimate Detailing Studio.

Machine polishing can be a tricky business and all too often customers bring their cars into the Ultimate Detailing Studio and ask us to fix the damage caused by poor machine polishing techniques. None sorrier than a Mercedes 190 Cosworth delivered to us a couple of weeks ago by a very concerned and disappointed owner. […]

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