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Ex-Works Ford Escort Twin Cam Mk1 – Prepared In Honour Of Jean Todt

The Ford Escort Twin Cam Mk1 is instantly one of the most recognisable cars, particularly for Blue Oval fans or followers of rallying. This particular 1968 Ex-Works Ford Escort Twin Cam Mk1, with the registration BEV 782G, has particular pedigree. Prepared at the Ford Performance Centre at Boreham Airfield for entry in the 1969 Monte […]

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Satin Matt Paintwork – How Hard Can It Be?

Satin or matt paintwork has been in vogue for some years amongst the custom car scene. Designed to permanently look dull opting for this paint job provided a perfect excuse not to wash, polish and wax your vehicle. Added to that, using regular car shampoos would stain it, using a polish would ruin it and […]

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