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Supernatural Medium Detailing Clay (2x 50g)

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Dodo Juice Supernatural Medium Detailing Clay (2x 50g)
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Medium grade clay for versatile surface types

Offering a clay solution for both softer and harder paints, Dodo Juice Supernatural Medium Detailing Clay will stand up to light to medium grade contamination. Containing two individually-wrapped 50g bars in a plastic storage case, the medium grade clay is sure to leave an ultra smooth finish, ideal for the preparation of your next detailing phase.

Features & Benefits:

  • Medium clay, excellent for soft to medium paints
  • Removes contaminants for an extra smooth finish
  • Prepares paintwork for machine polishing or protection
  • Clay glides effortlessly across surfaces in tandem with lubricant
  • Includes durable case for safe storage

Directions for use:

  • Ensure vehicle is washed thoroughly
  • Spray lubricant onto area to be treated (Dodo Juice Born Slippy Clay Lube is recommended)
  • Glide the clay bar over the lubricated area. Always ensure surfaces are well lubed to ensure clay can pass over smoothly
  • Buff residue off with a clean, dry Microfibre
  • Fold the clay bar once a panel is fully treated to ensure contaminants are not dragged across the next surface

Sizes: 2x 50g

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