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Gtechniq products began as the brainchild of a quantum physicist. His comprehension of how matter behaves at the nano-scale lead him to develop the notion of car care products so inherently tough they could provide industry-leading protection.

In 2004, Gtechniq’s research and development team created a car care range designed to protect each surface of a vehicle harnessing the power of nanotechnology. Elements at the nano-scale are inherently tough due to their reduced volume-to-surface area ratio. Embracing this knowledge, Gtechniq developed products capable of providing a truly durable sacrificial layer, as well as scratch resistance, water and oil repellency, imperviousness to extremes of pH along with protection from industrial and environmental fallout. Their innovative range has undoubtedly raised the industry performance bar.

In addition to the protection provided to treated surfaces, Gtechniq’s paint protection systems offer incredible gloss, enhancing the clarity of the vehicle’s natural paint colour. Treated surfaces retain their 'as new' appearance for longer, helping to preserve both the aesthetics and the resale value. The Gtechniq range includes Crystal Serum, a paint protection system so tough the performance is guaranteed for seven years when applied by an approved detailer. For the enthusiast, Gtechniq offers a range of protective coatings including the easy to use Crystal Serum Light and the original C1 Crystal Lacquer. Whether you’re looking for cleaning products or for long-term protection, Gtechniq’s mastery of nanotechnology means their products work harder and smarter for your vehicle’s surfaces.