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Matte Paint & Satin Finish Care

Conventional polishes, waxes and cleaners should not be used on matte paintwork or satin wraps and will most likely cause damage.

However, there are product lines specifically designed to care for these difficult finishes whilst ensuring that the matt surface appearance is unaffected.

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Dodo Juice Born To Be Mild

Dodo Juice's Wax-Friendly, Super-Slick Shampoo. Dodo Juice 'Born to be Mild' is an amazingly...

Price: £8.95 more information

Nanolex EX Residue Remover

Prepare Paintwork Prior To Sealing. Before applying any sealant it is important to ensure th...

Price: £16.00 more information

Nanolex Matte Reactivating Sham...

Non-Gloss Car Wash For Satin Paintwork. Matte paintwork requires specialist care with produc...

Price: £22.00 more information

Nanolex Matte Protection Set

Cleanse & Protect Satin Matte Paintwork. Satin or matte paintwork requires different care pr...

Price: £42.00 more information

Nanolex Si3D Matte SET

Ceramic Coating Protection Kit For Satin & Matte Paint Finishes. The majority of ceramic coa...

Price: £61.00 more information

SCHOLL Concepts NoGloss Matt Paint Spra...

Spray Sealant For Matt & Satin Paintwork. Most wax-based products are designed for gloss fin...

Price: £13.00 more information

Nanolex Matte Spray Sealant

Durable Protection For Satin Matte Paintwork & Wheels. Matte paintwork requires specialist c...

Price: £30.00 more information

Nanolex Matte Final Finish

Quick Detailer For Matte / Satin Paint Finishes. The rise in popularity of matte paint finis...

Price: £15.00 more information

Nanolex Si3D Matte

Ceramic Coating Protection For Satin Paint Finishes. The majority of ceramic coatings have b...

Price: £40.00 more information

Valet PRO Matte Protect (500ml)

Wax Protection For Matte Paintwork & Matte Wraps. Matte paintwork requires different protect...

Price: £15.00 more information

Swissvax Opaque Wax

Protection For Satin Matt Paintwork. Premium wax specially developed for satin matt paintwor...

Price: £60.00 more information

Swissvax Pre-Cleaner Opaque

Cleaner Fluid For Satin Matt Paintwork. Before applying a wax paintwork should always be pro...

Price: £38.00 more information

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