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Gtechniq EXO v3 & C1 Crystal Lacquer + Kit

Manufacturer: Gtechniq

Product Code: EXOV3-KIT-30

Packed Weight: 0.19kg

Availability: Awaiting Stock

Our Price (inc VAT): £69.95


Customer Rating: five stars

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The Ultimate Protection & Shine Combination!

Soft and easily marked paintwork needs as much protection as possible to ensure it doesn't get scratched and swirled particularly during the weekly wash (when most of the damage happens!)

These two products work in conjunction to impart all the scratch resistance and protection of C1+ with the high gloss, slickness of EXO v3.

C1 Crystal Lacquer + offers extreme durability, scratch resistance, dirt and water repellency. Simply apply your layer of C1 and allow to cure for 12 hours to impart this protective coating to your paintwork.

EXO v3 offers the strength and longevity of a synthetic sealant whilst its organic component brings an extremely high shine. The simple to use, wipe on, buff off formulation requires very little curing time, leaving you free to use your vehicle when you need it!

Kit Contains: (please select from drop down menu above)

  • 1 x C1 Crystal Lacquer + (30ml or 50ml)
  • 1 x EXO v3 Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating(30ml or 50ml)
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Gloves
  • Download: How To Use Guide

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Product Reviews

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Long Term Review five stars
by Skibum, 28 Mar 2015

It has been approx 10 months since I applying this to my car and it is still looking great. The car is washed with the fantastic Gtechniq mitt, G-Wash and now and again their QD. Water stills beads amazingly well, even though I have washed the car less, as it almost cleans itself. A brilliant product well worth the effort and time to apply.

Weirdly amazing five stars
by David L, 25 Aug 2014

After some prep with clay and P1, put G1 and Exo v2 on my new Disco XXV a month ago, and wow; so shiny! Came to clean it for the first time after 2000 miles of driving and it was the weirdest thing - couldn't get the soapy water to stay on, and drying with the pet dryer after rinsing was hilarious- like chasing mercury globules. Indeed, quite disappointed after a gentle wipe down that I didn't need to do anything else - it just shined. Doing this after the more traditional way, and you'll be wondering what to do with the 2 hours saved from the usual almost ceremonial post-wash prepping and polishing (or hyper-dressing).

Excellent five stars
by skibum, 18 May 2014

I used this kit about a month ago and washed my car today for the fist time since application. Whilst hosing the car off, the dirt was just falling off of the car. I found the bugs and flies came off very easily. The wheels came up very clean just with soap and a mitt.The car rinsed off a treat with the water sheeting away at speed. After drying the car looks as if it was applied yesterday. Here is to long term easy cleaning.

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