UF Wash & Rinse Bucket Set With Grit Guards™

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Wash & Rinse Bucket Set With Grit Guards™ (Lids Optional)

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Wash Bucket & Rinse Bucket With Colour Coded Bucket Filter Systems.

The Two Bucket Method has long been regarded as the best way to help keep your paintwork scratch-free. These large, 20-litre Ultimate Finish Buckets are white - so you can keep an eye on the colour of the water - and made from tough, durable plastic. The red 'Wash' label and the blue 'Rinse' label on the front will help remind you which bucket is which so you can keep your rinse water cleaner, longer.

The Ultimate Finish Wash Bucket and Rinse Bucket each come with a Grit Guard™, colour-coded to correspond to the 'wash' or 'rinse' labels.

The Grit Guard™ is a bucket filter system which sits in the bottom of the bucket and acts as a barrier, trapping dirt particles at the bottom of the bucket and preventing them from being reintroduced to the wash mitt or sponge. Simply brush your mitt or sponge across the guard to release any particles before continuing the wash.

Features & Benefits:

  • Bucket lids optional (select from drop down menu above)
  • Bucket capacity: 2 x 20 Litres
  • Size (Height x Top Diameter x Bottom Diameter) 35cm x 30cm x 27cm
  • Part of the Clean Technology range of three buckets (Wash, Rinse, Wheel)