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UF Detailing Bucket Sets With Grit Guard™ (Wash, Rinse & Wheel)

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Clear Wash Bucket & Rinse Bucket With Colour Coded Bucket Filter Systems.

The Two Bucket Method or Three Bucket Method has long been regarded as the best way to help keep your paintwork scratch-free. These large, 20-litre Ultimate Finish Buckets are white - so you can keep an eye on the colour of the water - and made from tough, durable plastic. The red 'Wash' label and the blue 'Rinse' label on the front will help remind you which bucket is which so you can keep your rinse water cleaner, longer. A seperate Wheel bucket is perfect for not corss contaminating very dirty wheel water.

The white buckets are design makes it simple to see what's inside, giving you complete control over the car-washing procedure. There's no need to play guessing games if the water is getting too dirty. The Ultimate Finish Wash Bucket and Rinse Bucket each come with a Grit Guard™, colour-coded to correspond to the 'wash' or 'rinse' labels.

The Grit Guard™ is a bucket filter system which sits in the bottom of the bucket and acts as a barrier, trapping dirt particles at the bottom of the bucket and preventing them from being reintroduced to the wash mitt or sponge. Simply brush your mitt or sponge across the guard to release any particles before continuing the wash.

Each bucket has an optional sturdy lid that prevents outside particles contaminating your wash bucket when in storage. There is nothing worse than coming to wash your car to find your bucket has accumulated a lot of dirt and debris from the garage or shed. The lids also makes a handy seat for when washing wheels or machine polishing after the wash process.

Features & Benefits:

  • White durable buckets
  • Bucket lids optional (select from drop-down menu above)
  • Bucket capacity: 20 Litres (5 US Gallons)
  • Size (Height x Top Diameter x Bottom Diameter) 35cm x 30cm x 27cm
  • Part of the Clean Technology range of three buckets (Wash, Rinse, Wheel)

Customer Reviews

five stars 25 May 2024

Good quality buckets

Good quality, sturdy buckets. Nice graphics on the sides denoting which bucket is for which job. Feels like they're built to last.

Alan N
five stars 16 Feb 2023

Do exactly what they say

Do exactly what they say on the tin!

Alan N
five stars 16 Feb 2023

Do exactly what they say

Do exactly what they say on the tin!

five stars 24 Nov 2015


Never thought that a bucket will make a big difference. I was wrong. Buckets are important. You will not regret this purchase.

five stars 14 May 2015

Nice big buckets

Well what can I say I received these buckets as part of the subscriber deal offers thank you Ultimate Finish The colour coding is a good idea even the scratch guards are coded I used to use two smaller buckets not coded and I nearly always ended up using the wrong bucket With these buckets that won't happen the guards are really good much better than the home made ones I had made (now in the bin ) I will just have to hide them away from the other half so she can't use them Thank you again UF

five stars 30 Nov 2014

Twin buckets are the best

The 'two bucket' method is the simplest but greatest way to keep your prized car scratch free. Having bought the twin bucket set, used them and seen what was in the 'rinse' bucket !!!!!!! I would highly recommend these items to everyone. The buckets are really big and the grit guards fit nice and firmly in the buckets. The buckets are colour coded and labeled with 'wash' and 'rinse'. What can I say, a great product that really works.

Bob Turner
five stars 28 Nov 2014

Essential for good washing

These buckets are a must have accessory for car washing. They are very big, bigger than the buckets you can buy in Halfords / B&Q. The grit guards in both buckets are there for removing grit off the wash mitt - don't use a sponge - and clearly labelled wash and rinse, so you can't go wrong and contaminate your clean wash water and dirty rinse water. Dunk the mitt in the blue bucket, swipe it on the guard and then put back in the red bucket and wash another part of the car. Brilliant!

five stars 16 Jan 2014


I bought these buckets to replace a couple of old PB items which don't have grit guards. I'd read many reviews of buckets with grit guards which weren't held tightly and, therefore, floated. No such problem with these! They are adjustable to ensure a nice, tight fit. The buckets themselves are heavy duty with a sturdy handle and a large capacity. The colour coding for the logo and the grit guards helps prevent the dirty mitt being plunged into the clean wash water! Overall, an excellent product which is well worth the money.

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