Kamikaze Collection ISM 2.0 Hydrocarbon Coating (30ml)

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Kamikaze Collection ISM 2.0 Hydrocarbon Coating (30ml)

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Flexible, Hydrocarbon Ceramic Coating.

Most ceramic coatings contain solvents, immediately obvious by the strong fumes which emanate from the bottle as soon as it is opened.

Kamikaze Collection ISM Coat 2.0 is different. Free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), non-solvent based, ISM Coat blends optically clear hydrocarbons with ceramic components to provide a clear, candy-gloss shine to automotive paintwork.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to apply & easy to buff off
  • Provides a candy-gloss, reflective shine
  • Lasts for 24 - 36 months
  • Repels water, dirt & grime
  • Can also be used to restore plastic trim
  • Designed to resists water spotting better than traditional ceramic coatings
  • Non-solvent based, non-flammable & VOC-free - easy to transport & environmentally safe
  • For higher gloss & increased hydrophobicity, apply a layer of Kamikaze Collection Over Coat

Directions for use:

  • Wash & dry the vehicle
  • Machine polish to remove any paintwork blemishes prior to sealing
  • Apply a few drops of ISM Coat 2.0 to a cotton applicator pad
  • Using a horizontal motion, cover the panel with ISM Coat V2 before going over the same area using a vertical motion. This will ensure even & uniform coverage.
  • Allow layer to cure for around 5 minutes (less if the ambient air temperature is warm)
  • Use a soft clean microfibre buff the residue lightly
  • Using another soft clean microfibre, rebuff to produce a high, candy-gloss shine
  • For increased water-beading, gloss & longevity, finish with a layer of Kamikaze Collection Over Coat

Technical Specification:

  • VOC-free
  • Non-solvent based
  • Non-flammable
  • Durability: 24-36 months
  • Water contact angle: 105 degrees
  • pH tolerance: 2-11
  • Thickness layer: 2 microns
  • Hardness: 3-4H (pencil scale)
  • Initial curing time: 5-30 mins depending on ambient air temperature
  • Full curing time: 7 days
  • Coverage: 30ml = 1-2 cars

Size: 30ml