Ultimate Finish Wash & Rinse Buckets with ScratchShields

Washing a car – whether you’re looking to achieve a showroom finish or whether you simply want your daily driver to look cared for, a bucket is where it all starts.

The wash process is also one of the more perilous times for paintwork when you’re most likely to inadvertently introduce swirls and scratches, so ensuring you have the right equipment for this most basic task is essential.

Introducing….. Ultimate Finish Wash Bucket & ScratchShield and Ultimate Finish Rinse Bucket & ScratchShield. ScratchShields are a bucket filter system – they’re a grill that sits in the bottom of the bucket. Brushing your mitt or sponge across the ScratchShield releases dirt particles which sink to the bottom and the grill traps them there, helping to prevent transferring dirt and grit back to the mitt or sponge and then back onto the paintwork.

So the Wash Bucket & ScratchShield are essential car cleaning equipment. Some would argue the Rinse Bucket & ScratchShield are equally as important. Owners of dark coloured cars or cars with soft paintwork, (particularly susceptible to swirls and scratches) have long argued the benefits of employing the Two Bucket Method. Simply put, one bucket contains water and shampoo, the rinse bucket has plain water. The mitt is dunked into the Wash Bucket and then put over a panel on the car. Then, dunk the mitt into the Rinse bucket, releasing dirty water and contaminants into the Rinse water. Then return the cleaned off mitt to the Wash bucket to re-load with soapy water for the next panel. Keeps the Wash water cleaner. Makes sense, doesn’t it!

ScratchShields have been teamed up with our own branded Ultimate Finish buckets – 20 litre buckets made from a tough white plastic (so you can keep an eye on the state of the water). We’ve also created an Ultimate Finish Wash & Rinse Two Bucket Set with their corresponding ScratchShields. If you already have a bucket or two and think the ScratchShield Bucket Filter System is a good idea then don’t worry – they’re available individually in Black, Blue and Red, and because they have adjustable ‘legs’ will fit most bucket sizes.

For the best opportunity to keep your paintwork swirl and scratch-free, start the wash process with the Ultimate Snow Foam & Lance Kits, for non-contact pre-wash cleaning, removing larger dirt and grit particles. Follow with the Two Bucket Method and finish with the Aqua Gleam water filtering system which allows your vehicle to air dry – no need to chamois off afterwards and no spot-marks either. Put together it really is the ultimate in car wash protection.

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