5.3 Grit Guards (Scratch Shields)

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5.3 Grit Guards (Scratch Shields)
5.3 Grit Guards (Scratch Shields)

Grit Guards / Scratch Shields are grilles placed in the bottom of a bucket to provide a surface to rub a wash mitt or wash pad against. This action releases trapped dirt and grit particles from the wash mitt or pad which then sink through the grille to the bottom of the bucket and are less likely to re-contaminate the wash mitt or wash pad.

There are several types of grille available – some are fixed and suit a particular size of bucket, others have detachable ‘feet’ and so can be altered fit buckets of differing diameters. Whichever you opt for, a grille of this kind is a key piece of the ‘safe washing’ kit and come highly recommended.

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