Waxstock 2022 – The Greatest Detailing Show On Earth Returns

It goes without saying that the standout event for detailing trade shows, certainly in the UK and quite possibly even wider, is Waxstock. And, following what seems an unbelievable three year hiatus thanks to that dreaded C-word, Waxstock 2022 is finally upon us.

Waxstock 2022

It’s probably fair to say that UF speaks for all of us in the industry when we say ‘we need this’! Long overdue, it’s the detailing get together we’ve all craved so much and everyone at UF is eagerly looking forward to catching up with old friends, not to mention actually meeting people we’ve forged relations with in the last 3 years that we’ll be meeting in the flesh for the first time.

UF at Waxstock 2022: Nanolex Cleaner | Faster | Longer

We’re thrilled to be attending Waxstock 2022 as part of two fantastic brands, the first of which is one of Germany’s finest, Nanolex.

Waxstock 2022

Nanolex will be providing product demos and samples of their impressive detailing range, with team UF also on hand to answer questions and assist with any product sales you might be interested in! We’ve also got a stunning show car that’ll be freshly prepped using the Nanolex product range, the results of which we can’t wait to unveil!

Waxstock 2022

UF at Waxstock 2022: Kamikaze Collection

Joining us on the Kamikaze Collection stand from Japan will be the company CEO and founder, Kai Morita. Kai will be offering free demonstrations of a selection of his groundbreaking Kamikaze Collection range, with free samples also being readily available too. On top of that, UF will be bringing along a truck load of stock for you to purchase on the day – some of which is not yet even available via the website!

Waxstock 2022

So, if you’re lucky enough to be escaping the Sunday Jubilee celebrations in exchange for a day of detailing delight at the CBS Arena in Coventry, do come and say hello.

Waxstock 2022

The Top 16 Showdown – Sponsored by UF

When the guys at Waxstock asked us about sponsoring this year’s Top 16 Showdown, we jumped at the chance. Featuring 16 cars detailed within an inch of their life, five judges run the finest of fine tooth combs over the entrants, with trophies and prizes awarded accordingly. Full info here.

Top 16 Showdown

What is Waxstock 2022?

Waxstock is recognised as the largest specialist car care event in Europe and as mentioned earlier, probably globally! The event plays hosts to over 60 individual stands and 100 brands, then on top of that, you’ve got the visitors. Over 4000 of you attended the last show in 2019, so we anticipate an even larger number this year. The venue for this amazing event once again takes us back to Coventry and the CBS Arena. We hope to see as many of you there as possible on Sunday 5th June 2022. See ticket info here.

Waxstock 2022

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