60th Anniversary Jaguar XJS Covered In Prestige!

60th Anniversary Jaguar XJS Treated to Gloss Enhancement at Ultimate Detailing Studio

Jaguar owners are passionate about their cars and about the ethos behind this legendary British marque, steeped as it is in history and racing glory. The XJS is one of the most instantly recognizable in its class and has inspired generations of Jaguar enthusiasts since its inception in 1975.

Designed as a luxury grand tourer, the Jaguar XJS was produced between 1975 and 1996. In 1995 Jaguar celebrated 60 years of general production and released the Celebration XJS. The Celebration model features distinctive wheels, a wood and leather steering wheel with matching gear knob. The oatmeal coloured leather seats feature the Jaguar ‘Leaping Cat’ embossed into the headrests for that subtle touch of class.

60th Anniversary Jaguar XJS Celebration Edition with embossed leather interior

Our customer brought the Jaguar Celebration 60th Anniversary XJS straight to the Ultimate Detailing Studio from the dealership. He was keen to have the classic British Racing Green bodywork restored, enhanced and then fully protected with a glass coat sealant. The crowning glory was to be a top of the range fully tailored indoor car cover.

Initially the car was pre-washed using Ultimate Snow Foam, the boot, engine and door shuts cleaned with Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner and the wheels washed with Valet Pro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner. Once rinsed off the whole car was then given a full wash using Gtechniq G-Wash. Thoroughly cleaned the car was rinsed with an Aqua Gleam de-ionising water filter and the wheels patted dry with Swissvax Micro-Dry Wonder Drying Towels.

Ultimate Detailing Studio uses Ultimate Snow Foam to pre-wash vehicles to remove larger dirt particles

Next the depth of the paint was measured using a PositTest Paint Depth Gauge to ascertain any areas that had been repaired and or resprayed and then the whole vehicle was closely inspected with a 3M Colour Check Sun Gun. Apart from a couple of areas of thicker paint (indicating a respray) and the expected amount of swirling and scratching (given the age of the vehicle) the paintwork was in fairly good condition.

RUPES BigFoot LHR15ES used by Ultimate Detailing Studio for Gloss Enhancement Detail

To remove the paintwork blemishes our Master Detailer used the RUPES BigFoot LHR15ES with a RUPES Yellow Polishing Pad and Zephir Gel Compound. To refine the paintwork afterwards he used the RUPES White Finishing Pad with Diamond Gloss Gel – an ultra fine compound perfect for tricky dark paintwork.

With the paintwork now swirl free the panels were wiped down with IPA solution to ensure any residue traces were removed. 22PLE VX1 Pro Signature Glass Coat ultra hard sealant was applied and allowed to cure. In the mean time the windows were cleaned and sealed with Gtechniq G1 ClearVision glass sealant, the trim treated with 22PLE VR1 Plastic & Trim Restorer and the wheels protected with 22PLE VM1 Rim & Metal Coat.

Once the sealant had cured on the panels the paintwork was treated to a layer of Swissvax Best of Show carnauba wax, giving the dark green colour that extra deep, wet look shine.

British Racing Green really benefits from a layer of a really good carnauba wax. The dark, rich colour takes on an extra lustre and glow which really catches the eye. – Master Detailer, Ultimate Detailing Studio

60th Anniversary Jaguar XJS Celebration Edition

This Celebration XJS is a fair weather beauty, so the customer wanted a Prestige fully tailored indoor car cover by Specialised Covers to protect it whilst in storage, awaiting some fair weather! Of course the only colour to opt for was British Racing Green with cream piping! The Prestige is skillfully manufactured to ensure it hugs the lines of the car perfectly. This particular Celebration XJS is now ready for anything!

60th Anniversary Jaguar XJS Celebration Edition covered with Prestige fully tailored indoor car cover


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