Ferrari Testarossa 1993 Paint Restoration Detail With Joe Huntley

There cannot be too many more cars that surpass the ‘poster pin-up-ness’ of a Ferrari Testarossa. Pop-up lights, oodles of power, billowing engine note, bright red paintwork (most commonly) and an overall size that’s still one of the most imposing to ever be produced for the road.

Ferrari Testarossa

This incredibly low mileage 1993 Ferrari Testarossa would prove to be one of the more challenging detailing jobs for Joe Huntley and not just because the Testarossa’s famous styling contains countless intricate grills and crevices. The paintwork was covered in swirl-marks and the cream leather interior absorbed with circa 30 year’s worth of dirt, just to name a couple of focus points needing a major overhaul.

Ferrari Testarossa Rolls Back The Years

As always, every detailing job throws up its own requirements and that generally means turning to specific products or techniques to get the desired results. Joe has obviously picked up more than a few tricks of the trade over the course of his detailing career, some of which coming in extremely handy on the Testarossa – especially when detailing those side strakes.

Watch the full video of Joe detailing the Ferrari Testarossa below and don’t forget, more info about Joe’s amazing detailing services can be found on his website, here.

Detailing a Ferrari Testarossa | Paint Restoration & Correction Detail | Deep Leather Cleaning

Ultimate Finish Pure Shampoo From £9.75

Road grime, industrial and environmental contamination is all potentially harmful to paintwork, so regular washing is essential to maintaining not only the appearance of your vehicle but also the integrity of the clear coat. Pure Shampoo uses cosmetic-grade ingredients to provide a highly lubricated wash, aiding the removal of contamination whilst reducing friction and lessening the opportunity for scratching or swirling paintwork. Formulated without gloss enhancers, carnauba or other inessential additives, UF Pure Shampoo rinses completely away without leaving residues that may impact gloss levels and interfere with sealant or wax application.

UF Pure Shampoo
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Scholl Concepts SP80 Green Detailer Masking Tape From £1.60

Taping up areas such as trim and rubber during the detailing process of machine polishing is always crucial and with this non-lift, residue free tape you can ensure you are fully prepped with ease.

SP80 Green is recommended for drying cycles of 80 degrees (30 minutes) and is compatible with most common solvent or water-based paints and lacquers. It is also highly conformable, adapting well to most shaped surfaces and providing good adhesion even on irregular surfaces. The high-quality, low-bake masking tape is extremely easy to tear by hand and is the perfect addition to any automotive repair or detailing workshop.

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POLISH ANGEL Master Sealant The Original From £22.45

Perfect for this iconic Ferrari Testarossa, Master sealant is an easy-to-use premium paint sealant that creates an extremely high gloss combined with a super slick surface. Its unique blend of Carnauba and crystal-clear ceramic sealant will protect your paintwork for up to 12 months.

  • Provides thin clear film – does not add sticky gloss
  • Restores all but the most faded trim to ‘as new’
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