Gtechniq Release C1.5 Silo Seal

Smart Surface Science strikes again with the release of Gtechniq’s new C1.5 Silo Seal quick detailer.

Gtechniq has now revamped C1 to become C1 Crystal Lacquer + where the ‘+’ means ‘plus C1.5’, so C1 is now supplied with Silo Seal as top up coating for C1 Crystal Lacquer.

Silo (pronounced see-low) Seal can also be used as a stand-alone sealant and is great to use on metallic and solid paintwork, all types of wheel finishes, plastic trim and even on matte paint finishes. Whilst C1 Crystal Lacquer still stands top of the leader board in terms of durability, C1.5 is much easier to use – squirt a bit on the panel, spread it around with a microfibre, buff it off with another microfibre. It has identical hydrophobic properties to C1 and offers around six months durability during tests on ‘daily drivers’.

Like C1, Silo Seal is a quartz-based sealant with chemical binders which are extremely resistant to UV and acid, so it’s ideal for use on wheels, although its longevity can’t match that of C5 Alloy Wheel Armour. Not bad for a quick fix though! Its high heat tolerance also means it can be used in engine bays. In fact, C1.5 Silo Seal can be used on any hard surface including glass and dashboards.  Apply two or more layers for added shine and durability.

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