R222 – High Performance Auto Care Products

R222 – High Performance Auto Care Products

R222 has its roots deep in the German automotive industry. The story of the motorcar as we know it today started in 1896 when two Germans, Gottleib Daimler and Carl Benz, working independently of each other created the first cars. With a rich automotive history which includes the revolutionary race cars of the 1930’s (Mercedes Benz and Auto Union cars), the unbeatable Porsche’s of the 1970’s and the proud legend that continues today with all German Automotive marques being renown for quality and performance – it’s really no wonder the Germans remain very proud automobile owners. And they love to look after their cars.

Enter P21S, high quality car care products created in the mid 1980’s to provide automobile owners with a superior performing car care range at a fantastic price. Re-branded several years ago as R222 in Europe the formulations remain the same, delivering high performance results and given the stamp of approval by some of the world’s most respected players in the automotive industry.

The R222 Range:

R222 Total Auto Wash – A hard working cleaner that can be used to remove brake dust, road grime, clean engine bays and it makes a great wax or traffic film remover.

R222 Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo – A unique blend of wheat germ and oils more usually associated with the cosmetics industry, guaranteed to nourish paintwork as it cleans.

R222 Special Performance Wheel Cleaner Gel – Truly a flagship product, the pH-controlled formulation is completely safe to use on all wheel types. The gel solution actually clings for longer to the vertical surfaces of the wheel for extra cleaning power.

R222 High Performance Wheel Cleaner – A traditional solution with the same pH-controlled formulation as the Special Performance Wheel Cleaner – perfect for frequently cleaned wheels.

R222 Super Absorbing Drying Towel – This synthetic drying towel is so much easier to use and look after than a traditional chamois leather. Simply pop it out of the storage case, dry your vehicle, rinse it out and pop it back in the case until you need it again!

R222 Gloss Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser – Prior to any wax application it’s imperative to ensure the paintwork has been properly prepared. This cleanser removes old wax build up, removes fine swirls and scratches and puts a wonderful shine into the paintwork.

R222 ‘Concours Look’ Carnauba Wax – After the preparation comes the finishing wax – one automotive reporter stated ‘Concours Look’ made his black paintwork look “deeper than a diamond mine”.

R222 100% Carnauba Paste Wax – Most waxes containing high levels of carnauba become very difficult to work with, drying hard quickly and requiring a lot of buffing to remove. This wax cracks the secret, it manages to provide the ultimate in depth of shine but remains very easy to apply and buff off.

R222 Car Care Collection With Carry Case – A great kit with all the R222 car maintenance products and a full sized tub of ‘Concours Look’ Carnauba Wax.

R222 Deluxe Car Care Collection With Carry Case – The ultimate Christmas gift starring the R222 100% Carnauba Paste Wax plus all the other essentials for maintaining a vehicle to the highest standard.

R222 - High Performance Car Care