Smart ForTwo: Detailing a ‘Dirty Daily’ With Joe Huntley

If you’ve seen our latest products which hit the UF online store late last year, but haven’t yet seen them in action, well here’s your big chance! We spent a considerable amount of time undertaking in-house testing to ensure these products offer you exactly what you want in terms of performance and user experience.

To show them off in all their glory, we sent friend of UF and professional detailer, Joe Huntley a fresh bottle of UF Ultimate Spray Sealant and UF Clear Glass Cleaner, with the products being applied to a very grubby Smart ForTwo as part of Joe’s latest feature video.

Braving the elements (you can feel the cold just watching this one), Joe blasts the dirt away with BigBoi’s WashR, preparing the Smart ForTwo for a coating of the easy to apply UF Ultimate Spray Sealant. If you’re looking for something quick and easy to apply to your car in terms of protection, this is certainly one you’ll want to consider. Simply spray on and hose off! But don’t just take our word for it, see the full application and results below!

Detailing a Dirty Daily | Smart ForTwo | Winter Car Wash & Snow Foam!

If you didn’t have the time to take in the full video just yet, don’t forget to check out the links in the featured products below. We’ve included handy shortcuts that’ll take you to exactly the point where the products are being used.

BigBoi WashR Flo Pressure Washer £249.00

A premium heavy-duty pressure washer with a quiet brushless induction motor. The WashR also features a total stop system (TSS) which senses water flow in the pump, meaning when the trigger is released, water stops flowing through the pump. Universal 1/4 inch quick connect attachments are supported all round.

The brushless induction motor contains frictionless moving parts which will mean the unit does not require servicing as frequently as other pressure washers.

Watch Joe Brush Using The BigBoi WashR Flo Pressure Washer

BigBoi WashR Smart ForTwo
  • Voltage: 240V/50HZ
  • Motor: 1600W (Peak) Induction
  • Maximum Pressure: True 2600PSI
  • Max Flow Rate: 6.5L to 7L/min
  • Hose Length: 8m lime colour
  • Max Water Temp: Can accept up to 50 C
  • Power Cable Length: 3m
  • Pressure Nozzle Connection: 1/4 Inch
  • Power Plug: UK Certified Standard
  • (L x W x H): 60 x 37 x 33cm, 14Kg

UF Ultimate Spray Sealant £18.95

UF Ultimate Spray Sealant has been extensively developed and tested by the in-house team and joins our expanding ‘Clean Technology’ range of products.

Easy to apply, Ultimate Spray Sealant is a simple, spray-on solution for home users or professionals looking to coat a vehicle quickly and protect it from the likes of harsh weather, wash chemicals or UV rays.

Ultimate Spray Sealant is a highly effective stand-alone sealant, but will also work well when applied to surfaces that are wearing any pre-existing sealants or waxes. Designed to be used once the vehicle has been washed, the product will impart a hydrophobic layer, forming a chemical bond to rejuvenate, refresh and increase gloss levels. Once applied to this Smart ForTwo, coated surfaces can expect durability for up to 6 months.

Watch Joe using UF Ultimate Spray Sealant

UF Spray Sealant Smart ForTwo
  • Easy to apply, spray on & rinse Off
  • Protects against UV rays, wash chemicals & weathering
  • Durability, 3-6 months
  • Can be used as a stand-alone product
  • Compatible with waxes & sealants

Kamikaze Collection Hayabusa Drying Cloth £22.00

The Kamikaze Collection Hayabusa Drying Cloth incorporates a uniquely engineered twisted microfibre design to make absorbing water from the surface extremely easy and also safe, thanks to a stitched edge to prevent the infliction of scratches. A special emphasis has been put on creating a towel which is not oversized, but simply big enough to satisfy the needs of professional detailers, with the Hayabusa also excelling when used to dry surfaces that are wearing any existing protective coatings.

Watch Joe using Kamikaze Collection Hayabusa Drying Cloth

Kamikaze Collection Hayabusa Smart ForTwo
  • Twisted Microfibre design
  • Highly absorbent
  • Nicely sized (not too big, not too small)
  • Ideal for use on protected surfaces
  • Easy and safe to use

UF Clear Glass Cleaner £10.95

UF Clear Glass Cleaner has been extensively developed and tested by the in-house team and joins our expanding ‘Clean Technology’ range of products.

Perfect for car care enthusiasts at home or professionals that require quality on a day to day basis, Clear Glass Cleaner makes fast work of removing fingerprints, water spots and insect remains, leaving windows clean, sparkling and streak-free. The smear-free formula can be easily applied to interior or exterior glass, with the slow evaporating product making for an extremely easy and impressive finish.

Watch Joe Using UF Clear Glass Cleaner

UF Clear Glass Cleaner Smart ForTwo
  • Smear free formula
  • Removes oils, waxes & water spots
  • Slow evaporating for easy application
  • Suitable for interior & exterior glass
  • Safe for use on tinted windows

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