Supercharged AK 427 AC Cobra – The Wheels Return!

Following April’s blog with the details of the Gloss Enhancement Treatment carried out on the Supercharged AK 427 AC Cobra, the wheels were sent away for refurbishment to complete the process.

AK 427 AC Cobra split rim wheels - severely pitted

This Cobra has polished three piece or ‘split rims’. Polished finishes have no lacquer coating, so they are particularly susceptible to corrosion and require regular, careful maintenance with a pH-neutral wheel wash. Acid or alkaline-based wheel cleaners actually stain or causing pitting in the bare metal and once damaged the only solution is refurbishment.

Split rim wheels consist of an outer rim, a centre hub and an inner rim. Cast in a foundry from prime alloy ingots the metal is heated and poured into a mould – in this case creating the CHB Classic Build style. When set the rims are then machined to the customer’s specifications. These rims require specialist knowledge to refurbish them, so these 18 inch CHB Classic Build cast wheels with centre spinner went back to the original manufacturer.

Polish-finished rims require pH-neutral wheel washes to ensure they are not stained during the wash process.

The wheels came back looking as though they’d never seen a road!

Protect polished rims with 22PLE VM1 Signature Rim & Metal Coat

With the gleaming wheels back in place they were wiped down with IPA solution to remove any residues. This would ensure the sealant bonds completely with the metal surface. For the ultimate in wheel protection 22PLE VM1 Signature Rim & Metal Coat is ideal – curing to a hardness of 9 on the Moh’s scale (diamonds are classified at 10 on the same scale!) and capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 700 degrees Celsius, VM1 is ideal for wheels with hard working brakes! The ultra-durable coating helps prevent brake dust and flake from sticking to them, allowing the wheel to be easily cleaned and maintained. As a final touch the car then had a spritz with Gtechniq C1.5 Silo Seal, to give the existing EXO layer a boost and make sure it was as glistening as possible! The AC Cobra was now thoroughly prepared to re-enter the world!

Gtechniq C1.5 Silo Seal provides final touch for Gloss Enhancement Detail

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