Ferrari F355 GTS: 1-Stage Gloss Enhancement Treatment

With its super sleek looks, Formula One-derived engine technology and revolutionary aerodynamics, the Ferrari F355 became an instant hit when revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in 1994. 25 years on, this iconic poster pin-up remains right up there in terms of popularity, elegance and performance.

Producing 380 bhp, the 3.5L engine reaches 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds and a top speed of 183 mph. The noise produced when this car fires up is sensational and there can be little argument that the F355 is one of the finest to wear the famous prancing horse emblem.

Arriving at the UF Studio for pre-sale preparation and presented in Giallo Modena Yellow, this particular example from 1995 was number 1 of 360 right-hand drive manuals produced. It was also the first GTS in the UK and originally registered as the demonstration car for Maranello.

With light swirling/scratches evident and given that the vehicle has clearly been well maintained, our studio appraisal recommended a 1-Stage Gloss Enhancement service would be best placed to restore the paint to its former glory.

Ferrari F355 GTS

Decontaminating the legend

Before any Gloss Enhancement work is carried out, the Ferrari F355 was in need of a very thorough decontamination. Our Pro-Detailer begins with the wheels using SANSOM REACTIVE Wheel Cleaner and unlike most general purpose fallout removers or ferrous iron removers, REACTIVE is specifically formulated for cleaning wheels.

With the wheels nicely doused, they are then left to dwell for a few minutes until the tell-tell signs of the product actually working begin to show (a purple colour is produced). More aggressive contamination is treated again with another spray of REACTIVE together with a Wheel Woolies brush allowing extra reach in tighter areas.

Ferrari F355 GTS
Ferrari F355 GTS
Ferrari F355 GTS
Ferrari F355 GTS


Reaching for the pressure washer and foam lance, the GTS is then covered in Ultimate Snow Foam. Once the famous yellow paintwork is no longer visible, our Detailer takes a few minutes to pause. Allowing the foam to seep into every nook and cranny, larger particles of dirt and grit are safely removed. This process maintains the prevention of any contact with paintwork.

Ferrari F355 GTS

Once the foam is washed away, the Ferrari F355 is treated using the ‘Two Bucket Method’. A Gtechniq WM2 Microfibre Wash Mitt is coupled with SANSOM SQUEAKY Luxury Shampoo and wash water is separated from the rinse water thanks to the two buckets. With Grit Guards placed in the bottom of each bucket, any dirt or abrasives picked up from the vehicle in the mitt is left in the bottom of the rinse bucket once the mitt brushes the Grit Guard.

Ferrari F355 GTS
Ferrari F355 GTS

Machine polishing

It seems hard to believe that the Ferrari F355 is now 25 years old. But, with that in mind, our Professional Detailers are mindful that the Ferrari may have significant variances in paint depth.

Ferrari F355 GTS
Farecla Polisher

The iconic Giallo Modena Yellow paint is worked on using the all-new Farecla lightweight 15mm DA Polisher with a Farecla Blue Cutting Pad and G3 Pro Cutting Compound. These products, all of which are currently being evaluated by the UF team and available to purchase early next year, were impressive to say the least. The compound and pad combination produced results so good that the finish did not require any further refining.

With the paintwork rejuvenated, the 355 now needed to be protected. Using a Meguiar’s Soft Foam Applicator we applied Herrenfahrt’s Premium Carnauba Wax. The wax is an innovative bio-hybrid of Carnauba (grade one) and a specially formulated boron-nitride compound.

The combination helps hardening of the surface and protects at the same time. A small amount goes a long way – a walnut-sized equivalent will cover the average sized vehicle. The entire car is left coated for 35 minutes, then buffed off to a high-shine with Herrenfahrt’s Multi-Purpose Microfibre.

Herrenfahrt Premium Wax
Herrenfahrt Premium Wax

Final stop – tyre & trim restoration

To finish off the Ferrari F355, we treated the tyres and trim with SANSOM VOODOO Creme. Unusually for a tyre finish product this one is actually very clean to apply. Compare it to alternatives available on the market and you’ll notice it stays on the vehicle and not your hands.

Ferrari F355
Ferrari F355

Featured Products Used


SANSOM REACTIVE Wheel Cleaner £9.95

  • Chemical reaction produces deep purple colour as product works
  • Removes oily dirt and grime
  • Formulated specifically for wheels

SANSOM SQUEEKY Luxury Shampoo £9.95

  • Consistent foam lasts and helps to lift and encapsulate grime
  • Cleans effortlessly and rinses away easily to leave streak-free finish.
  • Highly lubricating – lowering friction between wash mitt and paintwork

Herrenfahrt Premium Carnauba Wax £185

  • Easy to apply and buff off
  • Protects surface against UV, acids and contamination
  • Contains boron-nitride, a diamond molecule that hardens the wax surface adding durability

Herrenfahrt Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cloth £12

  • Ideal for buffing and scratch-free wipe downs
  • Dense double-sided fleece
  • Ultrasound cut edges for delicate applications
  • Effortlessly removes polish, wax and spray sealant residue

SANSOM VOODOO Tyre & Trim Restorer Creme £8.95

  • Water repellent
  • Long-lasting new-look finish
  • Suitable on plastic, vinyl and rubber trim 
  • Soft Bristles

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