Auto Finesse Honey & Milk Finale Quick Detailer | Exclusive

For those of you that are familiar with Auto Finesse and their original Finale Quick Detailer, you’ll be well aware of its quality and versatility. We’ve had it on the shelf since it launched and it remains one of our best-selling QD’s. So, when we recently met up with the guys at Auto Finesse and they said there was an opportunity to have our very own, limited edition version of Finale, we were all ears.

Available to purchase only with us here at UF, it’s called Honey & Milk Finale Quick Detailer and yes, you’ve guessed it, this version of Finale boasts all the usual quality of the original AF Finale but with a lovely Honey and Milk flavouring. We’ve only got a limited number of these in stock and once they’re gone, they are indeed gone – so get your skates on!

There are more new additions too…

Not only have we added the new Auto Finesse Honey & Milk Finale Quick Detailer, we’ve also gone and added two new accessories which we’re sure you’re going to love. Full details of the Creeper Seat and the Bucket Buddy can be found below.

Auto Finesse Honey & Milk

Auto Finesse Finale Honey & Milk Quick Detailer £9.95

Containing all the brilliant features of the original Auto Finesse Finale, we are excited to be able to offer this one time only, limited edition Honey & Milk flavoured Finale from Auto Finesse. Made especially for us here at UF, enjoy the sweet scent of honey and milk as you spritz your way to that show-car shine.

Auto Finesse Finale is a quick detailer that quickly and easily removes fingerprints, light dust and blemishes from paintwork. In the process Finale adds gloss, boosts existing wax layers and adds protection. Finale can also be used on a wet car to aid drying, helping to eliminate unsightly water spot marks.

Auto Finesse Honey & Milk
  • Exclusive honey & milk essence
  • Safely remove light surface contamination from paintwork
  • Adds gloss, shine & slickness
  • Boosts existing wax layers, prolonging longevity
  • Use on wet car prior to drying to avoid water spot marks
  • Suitable for use as a clay lubricant

Auto Finesse Creeper Seat £69.95

The Creeper Seat from Auto Finesse is a must have for any aspiring or established detailing studio where machine polishing, paint correction, refinement and general, lower-level vehicle attention is being carried out.

Ensuring you take care of your body during a working day is absolutely crucial during a detail and the Creeper Seat comfortably assists. On top of being a comfy seat, it features casters for ease of mobility, is made from a durable steel frame, contains sliding storage racks and also a handy central storage drawer.

  • Car detailing seat to help ease body fatigue
  • Sliding side storage racks
  • Made from a durable steel frame
  • Heavy duty, lockable casters
  • Tough rubber wheels
  • Central storage drawer
  • Comfortable, contoured seat

Auto Finesse Bucket Buddy £14.95

A key part of having a solid car detailing routine is to ensure you have reliable tools and routines to ease you through each process. A great addition to your wash routine is the Bucket Buddy from Auto Finesse; an effective caddy-like piece of equipment which is purpose built to slide onto your car detailing bucket and hold your full assortment of detailing brushes or media.

With the Bucket Buddy deployed, you can say goodbye to going elbow deep in your bucket, fishing around for the brush you need; simply pop your brush into the Bucket Buddy and grab it nice and easy as and when required. Store the likes of barrel brushes, rubber scrubbers, mitts and detailing brushes within quick and easy reach.

  • Keeps car detailing brushes neat & tidy
  • Removes the need to fish around in buckets looking for brushes
  • Curved design fits perfectly onto bucket
  • Makes the wash stage easier + safer
  • Hooks onto the side of any car detailing bucket
  • Finished in traditional Auto Finesse Teal with logo

Check out the full Auto Finesse range on our website, here.

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