Introducing: Farécla G3 Pro Range Now Available at UF

In 2020 UF took on a new range of Farécla products to make up a complete system machine polishing kit. The G Plus Dual Action Polishing Machine + 3 Pads hit the UF shelves along with a compound and polish from the exciting ‘G3 Pro’ range.

With the above going down a storm among the UF faithful since launch, we are now pleased to say (and after plenty of demand) that we’ve expanded the Farécla G3 Pro offering!

The Farécla brand is famed for making a name for itself with its impressive offering of cutting and finishing products, helping to provide solutions for automotive body shops, detailers and composite manufacturers. Quite naturally then, the expansion of the Farécla product offering has developed into a broad detailing and car care range, in the shape of ‘G3 Pro’.

G3 Pro – Clean, Restore & Finish

The G3 Pro range is comprised of every detailing product you need to care for a car – developed for professionals, and available to enthusiasts, the range of interior and exterior cleaning, paint correction and finishing products are reasonably priced and simple to understand, thanks to the colour coded labels; Blue=Clean, Green=Restore and Red=Finish, simple!

Farécla G3 Professional

With some stand-out products already taking award accolades from Auto Express such as G3 Professional Spray Wax, the G3 Pro range is certainly making a name for itself on the detailing scene.

Take a browse of UF’s selection of featured G3 Pro below – there is something for everyone, no matter what your car care focus might be this weekend!

G3 Professional Snow Foam £9.50

G3 Professional Snow Foam is a pH neutral cleaner, safe for use on all surfaces and paint finishes. It is ideal for touchless cleaning and maintenance washes, before carrying out any full exterior maintenance.

High foaming performance softens and lifts dirt, making it easier and safer to remove potentially damaging particles without touching the surface. G3 Professional Snow Foam is a pH neutral product and will not strip any previously applied sealants or waxes. Use before your shampoo and wash stage.

Farécla Snow Foam
  • pH neutral snow foam for maintenance cleaning
  • Soaks & softens dirt to prevent surface scratching
  • Will not remove pre-existing wax or sealant layers
  • Silicone free – bodyshop safe

G3 Professional Scratch Remover Liquid £10.00

Using Engineered Abrasive Technology particles, G3 Pro Scratch Remover Liquid permanently removes minor scratch marks – the kind that will not stop a fingernail when run over the surface.

The appearance of deeper scratches will be diminished as G3 Pro Scratch Remover Liquid spreads easily and is particularly ideal for larger surface areas.

For the treatment of smaller surface areas, G3 Pro Scratch Remover Paste is recommended.

Farécla Scratch Remover
  • Easy to spread liquid
  • Ideal for larger areas
  • Silicone free – bodyshop safe
  • Removes minor scratch marks

G3 Professional Deep Clean Clay Mitt £15.00

Offering a viable solution to the ordinary clay bar, the re-usable G3 Professional Deep Clean Clay Mitt uses an advanced rubber polymer technology that easily removes ingrained dirt, bugs, tar spots and dulling pollutants from paintwork, windscreens and headlights.

Easy to use, the Deep Clean Clay Mitt will glide across lubricated surfaces, collecting unwanted and unseen pollutants, thoroughly preparing surfaces for the polishing or protection process thereafter.

Farécla Deep Clean Clay Mitt
  • Easy to use
  • Removes ingrained dirt
  • Lasts up to 5 x longer than traditional clay bars
  • Does not need to be thrown away if dropped, unlike clay

G3 Professional Rapid Detailer £9.00

G3 Pro Rapid Detailer is a mild cleansing spray for use between washes to prevent the build-up of contaminants that can become ingrained into your paintwork.

Removing light dirt, dust and fingerprints, G3 Pro Rapid Detailer will leave a ‘just-waxed’, high gloss finish without stripping any pre-existing waxes from the surface. The versatile product can be used on a multitude of substrates including paintwork, rubber, plastic and chrome.

Farécla G3 Professional Rapid Detailer
  • Quick clean
  • High shine finish
  • Use on bodywork, rubber, plastic and chrome
  • Will not remove sealant or waxes
  • Removes bird lime, sap, dust and fingerprints

G3 Professional Scratch Remover Liquid £10.00

G3 Pro SuperGloss Paste Wax is a highly refined wax which delivers the perfect blend for an extremely even application. Comprised of selected hydrocarbons, micro-waxes and high-grade carnauba wax, the end results from this paste wax are an exceptional ultra-high gloss finish, including up to 6 months protection.

Farécla G3 Professional Scratch Remover Liquid
  • Ultra-high gloss finish
  • Contains high-grade carnauba wax
  • Up to 6 months protection
  • G3 Pro Black Applicator Waffle Pad Included

The full range of Farécla products can be found here.

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