All New Machine Polishing Kits Available Now !

All New Machine Polishing Kits From Ultimate Finish

Ultimate Finish has been supplying Machine Polishing Kits to enthusiasts and seasoned professionals for many years. Customer needs evolve over time, requiring kits to become more sophisticated for some users, whilst maintaining an accessible entry point for those just starting out with machine polishing. In order to keep abreast of these on-going changes the entire range has recently been revised.

All always, all the big brands are included. In order to make the decision-making process easier, the format of the kits has been simplified and time has been taken to identify the products customers most wanted to see in a machine polishing kit. Ability levels and experience are key factors, so kits are available for both Rotary Machine Polishers and Dual Action Machine Polishers and all kits have been assembled with product compatibility in mind. To top it off, each kit comes complete with Free microfibres!

Dodo Juice Machine Polishing Kits – (£119.00 to £215.00)
Pre-wax cleaners Lime Prime and Lime Prime ‘Lite’ (for softer or pre-polished paint) are coupled with the Dodo Juice Supernatural Machine Stick and offered with a choice of the ‘Spin Doctor’ Rotary Polisher or the ‘Buff Daddy’ Dual Action Polisher. Dodo Juice is the only Carnauba wax manufacturer who has successfully tackled the problem of getting the wax onto a machine polishing pad easily! Trying to get small amounts of wax out of a tub is always tricky and usually wasteful, so the Supernatural Machine Stick has been designed with a base. Twisting the base pushes the wax up the tube, exposing an amount at the top which can then be rubbed over the polishing pad. Dodo products have been matched with the ever popular twin packs of Kestrel Machine Polishing Pads.

Poorboys Machine Polishing Kits – (£165.00 to £210.00)
A great starter kit for anyone looking for their first go at machine polishing. Poorboys products are very easy to work with as they can be used even in sunlight and allow the user to make paintwork look smooth and glossy very quickly. Choose between the Kestrel DAS-6  or if you want a machine with a bit of extra power the Kestrel DAS-6 ‘Power Plus‘.  Add the Kestrel Polishing and Finishing Pads and this kit really offers fantastic value for money.

Auto Finesse Machine Polishing Kits – (£165.00 to £215.00)
Designed by Professional Detailers, Auto Finesse products have been formulated with ease of use, performance and value for money in mind. As a result, the Auto Finesse kits not only look stunning but leave a pretty stunning finish on paintwork too!

SCHOLL Concepts Machine Polishing Kits – (£190.00 to £359.00)
German engineered polishing products with iPT, intelligent Powder Technology. SCHOLL Concepts products make light and easy work of even the most serious paintwork imperfections. Two kits are available within the SCHOLL Concepts range, one with a Dual Action and one with a Rotary. Both machine polishers have been matched with the appropriate SCHOLL Concepts products and pads to ensure the very best results.

Gtechniq Machine Polishing Kits – (£195.00 to £365.00)
Home of Smart Surface Science, the machine polishing kit from Gtechniq offers a choice between the Kestrel DAS-6 Power Plus DA Polisher, with its 850w motor, or the FLEX PE14-3-125 Lightweight Rotary Machine Polisher for those who require serious paint defect removal!

Meguiar’s Machine Polishing Kits – (£229.00 to £259.00)
Meguiar’s products are exceptionally easy to use and therefore extremely popular with car enthusiasts – from the complete novice up to the most experienced user. And because their products work quickly and effectively they are also very popular with professional detailers. There are now two kits featuring Meguiar’s, one containing the #105 and #205 combination and one for the Meguiar’s DA Microfibre System for those who want to see results normally achieved with a Rotary, but with the safety of a Dual Action (DA).

FLEX Machine Polishing Kits – (£380.00 to £495.00)
Three kits created by FLEX, one for each of their superb machines. The FLEX PE14-2 Rotary is the choice of many a professional detailer, whilst the FLEX PE14-3 Lightweight has become a favourite among the seasoned enthusiast. The FLEX XC3401 VRG Positive Drive Orbital Polisher is the ultimate choice for the serious enthusiast who wants the safety of a Dual Action polisher but require the cutting ability of a rotary.

3M Rotary Machine Polishing Kit – (£450.00)
Colour-coded compounds and matching foam pads make the 3M system immediately identifiable. Time has proven this kit hugely popular with the serious enthusiast looking to move on to their first rotary polisher. Professional detailers are never without 3M products in their arsenal!

A comprehensive range of Machine Polishing Kits to suit all levels of experience and budgets is available on-line at Ultimate Finish, providing ‘Legendary Automotive Care’ since 1999.