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Machine Polishing Kits (Dual Action & Rotary)

Over time it’s quite common for paintwork to become dull. This is usually caused by wash-induced swirls: particles of dirt get caught in the sponge or wash mitt and are repeatedly wiped back and forth over the paintwork, causing fine swirls to appear, removing the shine and clarity of the colour. Additionally, deeper scratches often occur as a result of larger particles of dirt and grit abrading the surface, branches from hedges and occasionally a neighbour’s cat! Bird droppings leave etching and industrial fallout can cause staining on the surface. The appearance of these issues can be more easily addressed with the help of a machine polisher.

For those starting out with machine polishing, determining which machine is most suitable and what combination of machine polishing pads and compounds are needed can be daunting. With this in mind, UF has put together a variety of machine polishing kits to suit different requirements.

Machine polishing kits contain either a Dual Action (DA) polisher or a Rotary polisher. DA polishers are ideal for enthusiasts and those just starting out with machine polishing. The head of the polisher spins around an oscillating orbit, generating less heat than a Rotary polisher, which has a direct spin. If you're looking to choose between a Dual Action Polisher or Rotary Polisher, you might find our Blog article here helpful.

If you already have a polisher we have put together some handy car polishing kits with either two or three sets of pads and compounds, to cater for different levels of polishing requirement: badly marked paintwork may require a three-stage, cut-polish-refine process, whereas for regular maintenance a two stage process may be sufficient.

Whether you’re looking for a rotary kit or a dual action kit, here you’ll find a range of machine polishing kits catering for every requirement and every budget.

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Meguiars Meguiars MT320 Dual Act...

Perfect Paintwork in 2 Easy Steps - Meguiar's DA Machine Polishing Kit. Meguiar's new 105 U...

Price: £300.00 more information

Meguiars Meguiars MT320 Microfib...

The Power Of A Rotary With The Safety Of A Dual Action Polisher. The new DA Microfibre Corre...

Price: £325.00 more information

Meguiars Meguiars MT320 Ultimate...

3-Step Ultimate Machine Polishing Kit For Professional Results. The combination of Meguiar's...

Price: £325.00 more information

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