Fast Car Magazine ‘Tool Of The Month’ – RUPES LHR 15ES

If you’re into cleaning cars and I mean, REALLY cleaning cars then you probably know what this is – if not then let me tell you. It’s a Random Orbital Polishing Machine called the BigFoot RUPES LHR 15ES. The machine is designed to make a truly random orbit, but manages to stay perfectly balanced, so much so that you can polish one-handed and keep total control at all times.

Fast Car Magazine 'Tool Of The Month' - RUPES LHR 15ES

This is a one-step, zero hologram polisher that achieves amazing results in super quick time with minimal fuss. The kit comes complete in a cool hold-all with four grades of compound and four colour-coded foam pads (plus an awesome apron). Start with a medium compound and pad, and if it’s not aggressive enough, then try the next one.

Fast Car Magazine 'Tool Of The Month' - RUPES LHR 15ES

We tried the most aggressive compound supplied with the kit and managed showroom results in literally seconds – with no risk of damage to the paint. And that’s what sets the BigFoot apart. A lot of orbital polishers if misused, will remove paint – (that’s why you see pro-detailers mask a car’s edges with blue detailing tape), but there’s no need with the BigFoot, making it perfect for amateurs and pros alike.,

It’s so quick too – with a 15mm orbit (compared to 8mm on most polishes) you can cover a panel in minutes. The best part is that no annoying holograms or swirls are created. The when you’ve finished polishing simply wax – and you’re done.

  • Adjustable speed for ultimate control
  • Four grades of compound to suit the job
  • Random orbital motion for the perfect finish
  • The result is swirl free gleaming paint

Modest Matt, Chief Tester at Fast Car Magazine is a fully qualified Advanced Automotive Engineer, A member of IMI and a level 4 technician. He has worked for Honda, Saab, Peugeot and the MOD in the past, so he knows a good product when he sees one !

The Verdict: RUPES has done a great job of making this kit user-friendly – so easy in fact that your dog could probably do a decent job of rejuvenating your paintwork. Fast Car #334

Article courtesy of FAST Car Magazine, number 334, October 2013. Fast Car is the UK’s Number 1 Selling Modified & Performance Car Magazine.

RUPES BigFoot Deluxe Edition Machine Polishing Kit is available From Ultimate Finish.