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RUPES 'Bigfoot' Polishers & Polishing Systems

RUPES BigFoot Random Orbital Polishing System

RUPES has been leading the way in machine polishing tool technology since its launch in 1951. In 2008, they launched the first polisher with a 10mm throw – far larger than had previously been seen on a dual-action machine. In 2010, the BigFoot brand took shape. This range offered two dual action polishers with differently sized throws: the LHR 21ES with a 21mm throw, ideal for body shops needing to cover large areas quickly; and the LHR 15 with a 15mm throw, aimed at the professional car detailing market.

Since then, the range has expanded to feature a variety of innovative machine polishers offering car care enthusiasts and professional detailers true flexibility in their selection of the right tool for the job at hand!

Unlike many other manufacturers, RUPES delivers complete polishing solutions. As such, they have always developed compounds and pads specifically designed to complement the motion and speeds of their polishers. As a result, for many years, RUPES machine polishers were only available as part of a kit. However, since the launch of the second generation of LHR 15 and LHR 21, many of the polishers have been made available for purchase separately, as is their range of pads and compounds.

  • Warranty: RUPES warrants that their power tools shall be free from material or workmanship defects for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of purchase. Warranty claim? - in the first instance please complete the online form here