Composite Ceramic New Car Protection For A Volkswagen Golf R

Golf R New Car Protection Treatment

In April of 2014 Volkswagen celebrated 40 years of the Golf model, one of the best selling cars of all time. VW’s previous production car had been the Beetle so the Golf deviated from the standard format: water-cooled rather than air cooled, front wheel drive rather than rear-wheel, engine bay in the front rather than at the back. Who would have thought that reinventing the wheel (so to speak), would deliver VW yet another car which engenders such enthusiasm? Like the Beetle, the Golf remains popular with classic car enthusiasts and yet has captured the attention and loyalty of two further generations.

The Golf R is VW’s fastest ever Golf (so far!) delivering 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds from 296bhp. Offering enhanced performance, lower ride height and stiffer suspension over the hugely popular GTi, the Golf R’s four wheel drive system makes the whole experienced more intense for the driver. VW’s ‘4Motion’ drive means if the front tyres lose traction, the power is transferred to the rear wheels within a fraction of a second – giving the driver the confidence to really enjoy the performance on offer. Thoughtful touches give it the edge over other ‘performance hatches’, such as the static cornering lights which react to the turn of the steering wheel or the indicator signal, providing additional illumination to the target area.

The overall look of the vehicle says it means business. The aggressive ‘R’ body styling pack, complete with ‘Black’ rear diffuser, ‘Black’ brake callipers and the matt-chrome detail on the door mirrors and front grille all add a tingle of exhilaration and anticipation. The Golf R is fun but it’s also practical: luxurious and spacious interior, plenty of boot space and with an NCAP rating of the full five stars it’s one of the safest cars money can buy.

New Car Protection Treatment

As this brand new Golf R was going to be driven daily the customer was keen to safeguard his investment, so as soon as the delivery date from the dealership was confirmed, he booked it into the Ultimate Detailing Studio for a New Car Protection Treatment.

Initially the bodywork and wheels were decontaminated using Gtechniq W6 Iron & General Fallout Remover. As a brand new vehicle it was unlikely to have collected much ferrous contamination, but a little was present on the wheels as indicated by the colour change function of the product.

New Car Protection Treatment

Gtechniq W7 Tar & Glue Remover was then applied all over the car to ensure any remnants of transportation wax had been removed before the bodywork, door, bonnet and boot shuts along with the engine bay were degreased using Gtechniq W5 Citrus All Purpose Cleaner.

Golf R New Car Protection Treatment

After a thorough rinse, the car was treated with Ultimate Snow Foam to remove any remaining larger particles of dirt and grit.

New Car Protection Treatment

It’s important with new cars to follow this procedure to prevent introducing scratches during the wash process. As a new car you would expect the paintwork to be in pristine condition (unfortunately this isn’t always the case) but as wash damage is the single biggest cause of paintwork marring it’s important to ensure the bodywork is as free from contaminants as possible before using a wash mitt on the paint. – Derek Ginger, Master Detailer, UDS

Golf R New Car Protection Treatment

The Golf R was then washed using the Two Bucket Method and Gtechniq G-Wash. After rinsing the suds, an Aqua Gleam De-ionising water filter was connected to the hose for a final, pure water rinse. Aqua Gleam removes the impurities in the water which cause unsightly water spotting and leaves a nice shine on the paintwork. The Golf R was then dried and brought into the studio for further inspection.

To remove any fine imperfections and to ensure the paintwork achieved maximum shine, the Golf R was polished by hand using PolishAngel Esclate Lotion, a highly effective paint cleaner that improves the shine and colour intensity of paintwork without the use of fillers. Then the bodywork, wheels and trim were cleansed using Gtechniq Panel Wipe.

In order to ensure the sealant bonds fully with the substrate, it’s essential to make sure all traces of silicones and polish residues have been completely removed. Panel Wipe dissolves these and then flashes off the surface, leaving it completely bare and ready for the final sealant. – Derek Ginger, Master Detailer, UDS

To protect the bodywork Gtechniq’s most advanced composite ceramic sealant, Crystal Serum, was applied. Crystal Serum has a high resistance to abrasion, giving the bodywork additional swirl protection. It is also highly chemical resistant so longevity and performance will not be degraded by harsh wash products, environmental fallout and road contamination. Once cured, Crystal Serum sets extremely hard and is virtually impossible to remove. It is therefore available only as service provided by Gtechniq-approved detailers and studios.

Crystal Serum is a really hard-wearing product, so it was the perfect choice for a car that is going to be driven regularly, no matter the weather. As a product it needs to be applied in quite tightly controlled conditions, but being so durable it does offer a very high level of protection and the shine it leaves is stunning.- Derek Ginger, Master Detailer, UDS

Golf R New Car Protection Treatment

For the wheels C5 Alloy Wheel Armour was used.

Crystal Serum can also be used on wheels, in fact it can be used on any substrate. But particularly on a new vehicle I wanted the extra assurance of the heat resistance C5 has – wheels come in for such a hard time with brake dust, road salts, etc, so having a product which has a lot of staying power even when the substrate is extremely hot was absolutely paramount. – Derek Ginger, Master Detailer, UDS

The windows were treated with G1 ClearVision Smart Glass to aid water beading during bad weather conditions. The hydrophobic layer repels water so ice and snow will not bond as readily with the glass – perfect on frosty mornings!

The tyres were treated with Gtechniq T1 Tyre ‘n’ Trim to leave a natural subtle sheen.

Golf R New Car Protection Treatment

Once completed the Golf R looked absolutely stunning. Upon collecting it the customer was delighted with the appearance, stating that he didn’t believe a new car could look better than it did when he collected it from the showroom!

New Car Protection Treatment

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