Stone Chip Solution For Nero Daytona Black Ferrari 575M

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Back in February our customer brought his Ferrari 575M Maranello into the Ultimate Detailing Studio for a Gloss Enhancement Treatment and at the same time we arranged a cosmetic re-spray for the front and back bumpers plus a passenger door. It left the UDS looking gloriously glossy but during the intervening months the car completed a business trip to Germany where the fast pace of the autobahn had taken its toll, leaving the front peppered with small stone chips. So our customer returned and, having decided not to opt for further paintwork, wanted to know if the ‘road rash’ could be dealt with in an alternative way.

Stone chips dig a ‘pit’ out of the clear coat and top layers of paint, so they will not machine polish out in the way scratches might. Current ‘smart repair’ stone chip solutions usually involve coloured pens and are only available in basic colours. Usually, they don’t match the original paint and also do not build up the missing layers. Consequently the results can be disappointing, with the colour not blending well and the pitting remaining quite obvious.

The UF team were sent a new and innovative 3-stage paint chip repair system from ChipEx which is currently being evaluated in our Kent based Brands Hatch Studio.

The complete system uses the manufacturers original paint code of the vehicle (in this instance Nero Daytona 506) – and using a special brush to help build up the missing layers – it seemed the perfect answer for the Ferrari.

Nero Daytona Black Ferrari 575M stone chip repair and Gloss Enhancement Treatment

To start with the glass coating applied in February had to be removed from the front bumper, bonnet, wing mirror casings and roof. To do this our Master Detailer used a FLEX PE14-2-150 with a 3M Yellow Polishing Pad and SCHOLL Concepts S17+.

The ChipEx Paint Chip Repair System was then applied to the smaller chips using a small, round headed brush, then smoothed across the chipped area and allowed to dry for around 60 seconds. In the deeper stone chips he applied a larger amount of paint to the point where it stood proud of the bodywork and allowed it to cure for around 20 minutes. The excess was then removed with a blending solution also supplied in the kit. A removal cloth is provided which is wrapped around a small square foam block, then the blending solution applied. The cloth is wiped from side to side without pressure, gently removing the excess paint from each repaired area.

ChipEx Paint Chip Repair System - Nero Daytona Black Ferrari 575M

Once the excess was removed the area was polished using the supplied compound, wiped with a residue remover and then the whole car was re-glass coated using 22PLE VX1 Pro Signature Glass Coat to restore the protection to the bodywork.

We were impressed with the effectiveness and ease of use of this product and UF newsletter subscribers should watch this space, as further details and product availability will be announced shortly.

Nero Daytona Black Ferrari 575M finished with 22PLE VX1 Pro Signature Glass Coat

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