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More Than Just A Detailing Service – Jaguar XJ Sovereign

The common perception of the Ultimate Detailing Studio is that we’re all about restoring paintwork and making cars look their best. Of course this is the key component but the package we offer is far more comprehensive and more akin to a concierge service. When cars arrive their needs are catered for holistically, so if […]

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Audi R8 V8 Spyder Detailed At The Ultimate Detailing Studio™

Black is a wonderful colour for clean cars, but unfortunately, as anyone who’s ever owned a black car knows; keeping it looking clean is a mission! Being possibly the most unforgiving colour, black shows every speck of dirt as well as every swirl, every hologram and every scratch. When this R8 came in to the […]

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A Slice Of DTM Glamour At The Ultimate Detailing Studio.

Machine polishing can be a tricky business and all too often customers bring their cars into the Ultimate Detailing Studio and ask us to fix the damage caused by poor machine polishing techniques. None sorrier than a Mercedes 190 Cosworth delivered to us a couple of weeks ago by a very concerned and disappointed owner. […]

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