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Bentley Flying Spur – Cosmetic Restoration Part II

Last week saw Part I of the cosmetic restoration of a 2005 Bentley Flying Spur. In Part II, the restoration is completed, inside and out, and all surfaces of the Flying Spur protected using the most advanced nano-sealant technologies available. The interior of the car was vacuumed thoroughly to remove loose debris. The Saddle and Burnt […]

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Bentley Flying Spur – Cosmetic Restoration Part I

Bentley is a marque synonymous with luxury and class, and the Flying Spur doesn’t fail to deliver the qualities Bentley is so famous for. Introduced as a four-door successor to the Continental GT, the Flying Spur manages to retain some of the sporting feel whilst providing limousine style comfort. That it’s a big, heavy car […]

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Gloss Enhancement Treatment – Bentley Flying Spur (2007)

The Flying Spur – the very name conjures up images of supreme comfort and luxury, a monster of an engine purring as it effortlessly glides along the road. And the Bentley Continental Flying Spur certainly lives up to the image, in every sense. No detail has been over looked, no refinement considered too extreme. Attention […]

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