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Machine Polishing – What’s It All About?

Keeping a vehicle’s paintwork in perfect condition is a time consuming and tricky job. All too often it falls victim to swirls from poor washing techniques, scratches from hedges, etching from bird droppings and even marks caused by acid rain fallout. Removing these blemishes by hand can be incredibly labour intensive and some of these […]

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Fast Ford Magazine Test The Rupes BigFoot LHR 15ES

Dan gives the big estate a good going over with clay, followed by a machine polish. For a relatively new car the paintwork on my car is, quite frankly, shocking. It was a lease car in its former life, and I get the impression the previous owner took great delight in washing it with gravel […]

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Gtechniq EXO Complete Kit

Gtechniq recently introduced EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating, a semi-permanent blend of inorganic and organic materials providing exceptional levels of dirt and water repellency. They have now released the Gtechniq EXO Complete Kit containing everything required to ensure EXO is easy to apply and gives the best possible results. EXO forms a covalent bond with […]

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