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Fast Ford Magazine Test The Rupes BigFoot LHR 15ES

Dan gives the big estate a good going over with clay, followed by a machine polish. For a relatively new car the paintwork on my car is, quite frankly, shocking. It was a lease car in its former life, and I get the impression the previous owner took great delight in washing it with gravel […]

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Fast Car Magazine ‘Tool Of The Month’ – RUPES LHR 15ES

If you’re into cleaning cars and I mean, REALLY cleaning cars then you probably know what this is – if not then let me tell you. It’s a Random Orbital Polishing Machine called the BigFoot. The machine is designed to make a truly random orbit, but manages to stay perfectly balanced, so much so that […]

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Machine Polishing Kits For All Levels Of Experience

Using a machine polisher has been a recognised way of efficiently restoring dull, faded and blemished paintwork but for many years it has been mainly in the domain of professional valeters and detailers. However, in recent years the machine polishing craze has taken off within amateur circles too, with the keen car care enthusiast looking […]

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