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Shining A Light On It: SCANGRIP Second Generation Detailing Lights

As every car care enthusiast and professional detailer knows, bright sunshine shows up every little swirl, scratch and blemish on paintwork. In detailing circles, lighting is assessed based on the ‘D-Standard’ or daylight standard. Recreating that level of brightness in the studio or garage requires specialist lighting, as regular overhead strip lights are too diffuse […]

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Ferrari 458 Italia – One Of The Most Beautiful Ferraris Ever Made

The Ferrari 458 Italia was produced between 2009 and 2015 and designed specifically to be the sportiest offering to make it stand out from the Ferrari California, released in 2008. If ‘sporty’ was the brief, the 458 certainly ticks the box with its Pininfarina-designed bodywork formulated to produce the ultimate in aerodynamics! The design achieves […]

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