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Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ300 SSP - Mark Hunt

Entered for the February 2011 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Mark Hunt

Make: Mitsubishi

Model: Evolution X FQ300 SSP

Year: 2009

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Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ300 SSP
Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ300 SSP
Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ300 SSP
Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ300 SSP

Products Used

How Mark Used Our Products

Initially I use Bilberry safe wheel cleaner on the wheels with a set of decent brushes and mitts to remove any left over brake dust or dirt, I then move onto the wheel arches using a degreaser and stiff brushes to get the worst of the muck off before using a pressure washer to get rid of the last stubborn bits of crud. I then snow form the whole car and leave to dwell for a few minutes, before using a small detailing brush on the badges before pressure washing the car to remove the foam and attached dirt. If the bodywork is really caked I will use a degreaser on the lower portions of the car to aid removal of any really nasty dirt. At the same time using tar and bug remover on any areas where more aggressive attention is required.

Once this has been completed I usually Snow Foam the car again to get the last of the horrible stuff off before moving onto the 2 bucket stage of cleaning, using Dodo Juice Born to be Mild, which smells great and does a lovely job. Once this has been completed I then rinse the car again before drying the car using either a microfibre towel or my drying machine depending on how the mood takes me.

Having dried the car fully I use Dodo Juice Born Slippy and bilt-hamber auto clay soft to clay the vehicle, only finishing once the car is completely silky smooth to the touch. Once this is complete I either apply dodo juice lime prime or Autoglym HD cleanser to the paintwork by hand and remove with a clean microfibre or if time allows use my DAS 6 with Sonus pads and polish to take out any marring or light scratches that I find on the paintwork. After completing this stage I use Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax, usually 3 layers, over the bodywork.

The final stages for me are then to seal the alloy wheels with wheel sealant, treat the tyre walls, treat the black plastic with Dionysus trim glitz or Autoglym bumper car and polish the exhaust system. Glass is also treated at this stage. Previously I have used autoglym glass polish and then fast glass on the windscreens and windows but have recently converted to Gtechniq G1, G3, and G4 which although a little bit more tricky to apply is a lot more durable in my opinion. I have previously used Rain-X which is also a very good product.

On moving inside the car the interior is hoovered throughout Gtechniq I1 is applied to the seats and carpets and the dash, console, and inside of windows and windscreens are cleaned with various products. The boot is also hoovered at this stage too, and carpet cleaned if really dirty. Odour Eliminator is also used at this stage.

Under the bonnet I dress the engine with Meguiar’s Engine Dressing which I find really easy to use and seem to get great results from.

Although I have not been into detailing all that long, only about 9 months, I have built up quite a collection of products and equipment to make detailing my car to a high standard a lot easier. Without the products that I have listed already keeping my car in the condition that I want would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

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