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Renault Clio Sport 200 - Greig Smith

Entered for the March 2011 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Greig Smith

Make: Renault

Model: Clio Sport 200

Year: 2009

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Renault Clio Sport 200
Renault Clio Sport 200
Renault Clio Sport 200

Products Used

How Greig Used Our Products

Started with washing the car down with the pressure washer all over the whole car was washed twice with fresh water. Used Meguiar’s bucket and grid set for the shampoo I used Dodo Juice Born to be Mild.

Car was washed down with the shampoo using Mothers lambs wool wash mitt this is a great mitt and well worth the money. Once going over the whole car with the shampoo and mitt re pressured washed the car.

To dry I used the Dodo Juice soft touch towel this has to be the best drying tool that I have ever used :) I can't rate it enough. Once this process was finished did a visual check of the car was done for any rub marks or dirty marks that needed Clay to remove. The rare marks that did I used Dodo Juice Born Slippy lube and Purposeful Purple clay bar which does the trick.

Before going to wax the car I coated the car with Dodo Juice Lime Prime Lite, used Lite as car already had wax from a few months earlier. Lime Prime has an amazing smell very natural smell this was applied using one of my Dodo Juice supernatural finger mitt's .

Before applying the wax went around the trim areas to tape them up with 3M masking tape this stuff is great hardly leaves any marks on the car.

Then it was time to wax the car with Dodo Juice Diamond White wax this was applied using the second Super Natural finger mitt. Waited 10mins for the wax to haze up and then buffed off. 24 hours later I applied the second lay of wax using the same process.

For the wheels I washed down with a normal washing cloth. Sprayed on the Dodo Juice Yellow Mellow wheel cleaner rubbed it in using a Meguiar’s wheel brush then washed off with clean water each wheel had this process done twice.

The car came out looking pretty decent hope you like it anyways cheers for looking and reading.

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